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Cyclo Cross racing puts great demands on equipment. Specialites TA makes Chainring Guards to help prevent the chain from falling off on rough terrain. Designed for use with a single front chainring, you need two Guards and a special long bolt set. The single chainring is placed in the outer chainring position on a 130mm bolt circle crank.

One Guard goes in the inner chainring position. The chainring then goes in the outer chainring position. A spacer (included with the long bolt set) goes between the chainring and the outer chainring guard.

The image below shows a 44 tooth chainring sandwiched between two TA 44 tooth Chainring Guards all mounted on a Dura Ace crank.

The rings you see are no longer available. The new rings are black and have a more "industrial" look to them. But they work just as well.

TA makes these Chainring Guards for 130mm bolt circle chainrings. They do not make them for 135mm chainrings. So if you use a Campagnolo crank, these won't fit.

I stock Chainring Guards for 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46 tooth chainrings. They are also available by special order in sizes from 40 teeth through 54 teeth.

The Chainring Guards are sold individually. Depending on your frame and the size chainring used, you may need to space your bottom bracket slightly to the right to prevent the inner Chainring Guard from rubbing on the right chainstay.


Chainring Guards do not include a chainring. I have those separately. See my Chainrings page.

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