Shimano Internal Gear Hubs

Shimano makes several 8 speed internally geared rear hubs, and for 2011, they also have an Alfine hub with 11 speeds. The Nexus 8 speed takes an optional roller brake, and the Alfine 8 speed and 11 speed hubs take a centerlock disc that works with most disc brake systems. They also make a coaster brake version, which I do not sell. The roller brake version can be used with or without the roller brake, and the roller brake is an added cost option.

Prices for the Alfine hubs don't include things like axle nuts, non-turn washers and the cassette joint. The cog and brake disc are also sold separately.

The main difference between Nexus and Alfine groups is that Alfine is designed for disc brakes, and Nexus is designed for roller brakes. Disc brakes are better for riding in hilly terrain. So if you're commuting in San Francisco, get the Alfine hub. But if you're commutingh in Chicago, save some money and get the Nexus.

Alfine 8 speed disc hub with centerlock disc attached. The disc doesn't come with the hub, but are sold separately. It must be a centerlock disc, or, you must use a centerlock to ISO adapter if you prefer to use an ISO disc; for instance if you alrady have an ISO disc to use. Alfine rear hubs have 135mm spacing, locknut to locknut. They are only available as a bolt-on axle, and cannot be converted to quick release.

Alfine 8 speed hub, Black 32 hole, part number SHIISGS500BL: $ 339.99

Alfine 8 speed hub, Silver 32 hole, part number SHIISGS500B: $ 339.99

Alfine 8 speed hub, Black 36 hole, part number SHIISGS500AL: $ 339.99

Alfine 8 speed hub, Silver 36 hole, part number SHIISGS500A: $ 339.99

11 speed hub

Here's the new (as of 2011) 11 speed hub and shifter.

The hub is available in 32 or 36 hole, and either silver or black finish: four models in all. We try to keep all four in stock. Both the eight speed and 11 speed Alfine hubs can use Nexus cogs. There are also two cogs specific to the Alfines which have an outside chainguard attached, either 18 or 20 teeth. We stock the 11 speed Alfine shifter in both silver and black finish. And we have both Shimano and Avid discs to work with Shimano and Avid disc calipers.

Alfine 11 speed hub, Black 32 hole, part number SHIISGS700BL: $ 674.99

Alfine 11 speed hub, Silver 32 hole, part number SHIISGS700BS: $ 674.99

Alfine 11 speed hub, Black 36 hole, part number SHIISGS700AL: $ 674.99

Alfine 11 speed hub, Silver 36 hole, part number SHIISGS700AS: $ 674.99

For some unknown reason, Shimano sells the hub without a few key parts, like axle nuts, non-turn washers, and the connection for the shift cable. The parts kit includes non-turn washers for vertical dropouts.

Alfine 11 speed parts kit: $ 22.99

Non-turn washers for other types of dropouts are also available.

Shimano Alfine 11 speed shifter, Black, Part number SHIISLS700210LL: $ 94.99

Shimano Alfine 11 speed shifter, Silver, Part number SHIISLS700210LS: $ 94.99

Nexus hub

This is the Nexus SG-8R25, the "Premium" version of the 8 speed hub for roller brake. The internal gearing is identical to the Alfine disc version above. These are only available in silver, 36 hole. The roller brake is sold separately, and attaches to the left side of the hub shell. You can see the spline in the above photo.

Nexus 8 speed hub, silver, 36 hole, part number SHIHU7860: $ 249.99

Nexus rear hubs have 130mm spacing, locknut to locknut. They are only available as a bolt-on axle, and cannot be converted to quick release. If your frame is spaced to 126mm or 135mm, you should have no problem using the 130mm Nexus hub. The rear stays will easily flex outwards or inwards to accomodate the hub. A 5mm change in spacing is only 2.5mm at each dropout, which is no concern. While it can make installing the wheel a bit awkward at first, it can't possibly damage anything.

I have a bewildering array of shifters and brake levers to work with these hubs.

Nexus shifter and brake lever components are all made for handlebars having a 22mm diameter. This is the standard diameter of upright handlebars. For example, old 3 speed bikes, all mountain bikes with straight bars and most "hybrid" bikes have handlebars with 22mm diameters.

"Racing" style bikes with "drop" handlebars have 23.5mm diameter, so these components aren't compatible with "racing" style bikes.


Shimano Nexus 8 speed Revoshifter.

This shifter is used with the right or rear brake lever of your choice. Typically, this would be used if you are using hydraulic disc brakes. Then you use special brake levers that come with the disc calipers.

The rotary 8 speed Nexus shifter is our part number SHILD6088: $ 21.00

If you aren't using hydraulic disc brakes, we have Shimano Nexus brake levers to work with this shifter. They have a silver body and silver lever.

Shimano Nexus right brake lever for 22mm handlebar, part number SHIBR7244: $ 17.00

Shimano Nexus left brake lever for 22mm handlebar, part number SHIBR7245: $ 17.00


This is a combination rotary 8 speed shifter and right brake lever. Our part number is SHILD6080: $ 45.00

The brake lever section is black, and we have matching left levers in stock. These brake levers are only for use with brakes that are actuated via a cable. We have disc brakes and cantilever brakes to work with these brake levers. These levers can't be used with hydraulic disc brakes.

Matching left lever with silver body and black lever to match the shifter above;

Our part number is SHIBR7248 : $ 19.99


Nexus Rapidfire shifter with brake lever, our part number SHILD6085: $ 40.00

This shifter has two buttons, both actuated with your right thumb. Push the upper button to downshift, the lower button to upshift.

When you order this shifter, remember that the brake lever has a silver finish. We have left (front) brake levers with silver finish to match. But we also have them with a black lever on a silver body. So remember to order the silver left lever. Our part number is SHIBR7245: $ 17.00



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