E Mail

I get lots of trash email, particularly from Brazil, for some reason. So I use lots of spam filtering, and most of the mail that gets filtered goes straight to the trash, and I never see it. That now includes any email with an address ending in ".com.br". So, if you send us an email and we haven't replied for 24 hours, try the telephone.

Under no circumstances should you send us an email containing any part of a credit card number. In order to accept credit card payments, we are required to agree to fines of many tens of thousands of dollars if customer credit card data is ever stolen from our business. This includes credit card numbers that customers have sent us via email, even after we have explicitely stated that they shouldn't.

Therefore, any email that arrives with a credit card number included in the text will be immediately deleted. We appreciate your business, but we can't afford the fines. You may send us your credit card data via telephone or fax, but not via email.

Email is the best way to get a tracking number for your shipment. Rather than call to get a tracking number, please email us. We will copy and paste the tracking number into a return email to you, ensuring that there is no error in the number. Expect a return email within a few hours during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Email is usually not monitored on Saturdays and Sundays.

To send us an email, click .This sends an email to Linda, the email Czarina. If you want to send email to Penny or Sheena, just replace "shipping" with "Penny" or "Sheena" and away you go. I am at "pjw" followed by the usual url stuff.

Please do not include any attachments in your email, unless we first give you the OK. Multi megabyte attachments that bring our email server to a grand screeching halt will be deleted without viewing. Please send text only, no HTML email. Most email with attachments, photos and HTML will automatically be sent to junk folders by the email software. If we know it's coming, we can look for it. But if we're not expecting it, well...


If you have another email address for us please please please don't send the same email to more than one address. There's no reason to have all of us checking to see if junior's depleted uranium order has shipped. And we've had a few instances of people sending in orders by email to two or three of us, only to complain when they receive two or three identical orders via UPS. So please just send one email, and I'll forward it to anyone who needs to see it.