Schmidt lights for E Bikes

E Bike (Pedelec) Headlights

New for 2015, the Edelux II DC

The Edelux II DC is now available for E Bikes, often called "pedelec systems". It uses the same LED, mirror, lens and housing as the Edelux II for hub dynamos. But the electronics inside are different, being designed for the DC from an E Bike's battery, rather than AC from a bicycle dynamo. The Edelux II DC is not compatible with a bicycle dynamo. There are three versions of the Edelux II DC headlight, for full compatibility with a variety of E Bike systems.

Many E Bikes have a built-in switch for lights. With these, the headlight itself does not require a switch. The Edelux II DC 6-8 volt without switch or cable works with the majority of E Bikes as of 2015. These E Bikes will have wiring in place which will connect to the Edelux II DC. And the light connections are between 6 volts and 8 volts. Take note that the 6 volt to 8 volt rating is just for the light connections. These pedelec systems have much higher voltage available for the electric assist motors.

All Schmidt Edelux II DC headlights ship with a Busch & Müller mount for mounting at the fork crown.

6 volt - 8 volt, No Switch

This is the recommended version for newer Bosch pedelec systems, which have connections for both headlight and taillight, and a control panel with switch to turn lights on or off. Hence, no need for a switch on the headlight itself.


Notes from Wilfried Schmidt:

Edelux II DC 6 Volt:

for voltages of approximately 6 to 8 volts DC, current consumption approx. 600 mA, brightness
approximately 80 Lux
Suitable for drives that regulate headlight voltage to 6 volts (p.ex. Bosch Active, Bosch
Performance and Shimano Steps systems)
Not suitable on systems with strongly limited current (p.ex. Bosch Classic).
Switched on the drive system's display. This is why Edelux II DC 6 Volt is neither equipped with a
switch nor with a rear light output.
Two models with different connections are available:
- Edelux II DC 6 Volt with 140 cm coaxial cable
- Edelux II DC 6 Volt w/o connecting cable; use a cable supplied by the drive system's manufacturer.
Connect this cable with two spade connectors female 2.8 x 0.5 mm or one spade
connector female plus ring terminal.

Without Cable



Edelux II DC 6-8 volt, no switch, no cable, Black Anodized, Part # SCH680012, Price: $ 189.00
Edelux II DC 6-8 volt, no switch, no cable, Silver Anodized, Part # SCH680092, Price: $ 189.00
Edelux II DC 6-8 volt, no switch, no cable, Polished, Part # SCH680002, Price: $ 189.00

With Cable


Edelux II DC 6-8 volt with 140cm cable, w/o switch, Black Anodized, Part # SCH681412, Price: $ 189.00
Edelux II DC 6-8 volt with 140cm cable, w/o switch, Silver Anodized, Part # SCH681492, Price: $ 189.00
Edelux II DC 6-8 volt with 140cm cable, w/o switch, Polished, Part # SCH681402, Price: $ 189.00

6 volt - 75 volt, With Cable & Switch

Some E Bikes have output voltages for the headlight between 6 and 75 volts.

Notes from Wilfried Schmidt:

Edelux II DC 6 to 75 Volt:

For voltages 6.0 to 75 volts DC
Power consumption approx. 2.5 watts at input power up to 6.4 volts (60 to 70 Lux brightness is
achieved this way); approx. 3 watts (90 Lux) at higher voltages.
Suitable for 6-volts-supply with strongly limited current (p.ex. Bosch Classic) as well as drive
systems that supply the headlight with battery voltage.
Edelux II DC 6 to 75 Volt is equipped with a 140 cm coaxial connecting cable, an On/Off switch,
and a rear light output regulated to 6 volts DC.
In case no switch is needed, the switching ring may be replaced by a covering ring.


Edelux II DC 6-75 volt with 140cm cable and switch, Black Anodized, Part # SCH681413, Price: $ 203.00
Edelux II DC 6-75 volt with 140cm cable and switch, Silver Anodized, Part # SCH681493, Price: $ 203.00
Edelux II DC 6-75 volt with 140cm cable and switch, Polished, Part # SCH681403, Price: $ 203.00

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