TA Auto-Extractors




TA Auto-Extractors

Auto-Extractors are installed in the crank extractor or dust cap threads in your crankset. The bolt takes a 8mm Allen wrench to both install and remove your crankset. The bolt installs the crank in the normal way, by tightening the crank against the bottom bracket axle taper. When you want to remove the crank, simply turn the 6mm bolt counterclockwise, as if you were removing it from the crank. But instead of the bolt coming out of the crank, it pushes against the anodized aluminum cap (red, black or silver) and the cap pulls the crank off of the bottom bracket axle. So the entire assembly acts as a crank extractor tool.


Auto-Extractors: Silver, Black or Red, (to match chainrings)
Two sets needed for tandems.
$ 17.00


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