Busch & Müller dynamo headlights are made to be powered by a 6 volt, 3 watt hub or sidewall dynamo. The use of Busch & Müller dynamo headlights powered by Velogical brand dynamos or other experimental generators risks damage to the headlight's electronics. Damage caused by overload through such generators is not covered by the one year warrantee!

But more importantly, damage is most likely to occur while riding fast, descending a hill. That can cause your headlight to fail, potentially leading to a crash and injury to the rider. With a proper dynamo hub, such a failure is virtually impossible. For your own safety, please do not use any lights made by Busch & Muller with a Velogical dynamo.

Busch & Müller makes a wide variety of bicycle headlights for use with hub dynamos as well as tire driven dynamos. If used with a 6 volt 3 watt dynamo these lights work along with a taillight and deliver their maximum brightness. If used with a 6 volt 2.4 watt dynamo they deliver their maximum brightness without a taillight.

When used with a taillight, the taillight is wired to the taillight connectors on the headlight. So power goes from the dynamo to the headlight and then from the headlight to the taillight. The On/Off switch on the headlight then controls both the headlight and the taillight. The headlight also provides the correct voltage to the taillight eliminating the risk of damage to the taillight.

From the top of this page to the bottom, headlights are listed starting with the brightest. Brightness of these headlights is rated in LUX.

To order, just call us at (603) 478 0900


As of 2020, this is the brightest dynamo powered bicycle headlight at 100 lux. The optical system produces a very smooth distribution of light on the road. The housing is anodized aluminum and acts as the heat sink for the LED.


Available in either silver anodized or black anodized finish. The IQ-X has a standlight, as well as daytime running lights. Automatic switching between daytime and nighttime modes. The Senso/Off pushbutton switch is at the back of the IQ-X, surrounded by a glowing blue ring. The IQ-X always provides the ideal headlight beam; straight ahead in daylight so that oncoming car drivers are alerted to your presence, changing over at dusk to a beam optimized for illuminating the road surface ahead, but still providing high visibility to oncoming drivers.

The IQ-X ships with its own highly adjustable mount, and is compatible with other Busch & Müller headlight mounts. For most applications the included mount will work. See the exception below.


Front/Side view of the IQ-X in silver housing.

Note that the back or bottom section of the IQ-X mount, the part that presses against the fork crown, is about 32mm tall. It's been designed for "unicrown" forks, which are rather tall. By comparison, the "Cyo" mount, which ships with the Cyo and Luxos headlights, is about 20mm tall, as is the HD Caliper mount, pictured below.


This is the HD Caliper mount on my Rivendell Rambouillet. The spacer between the mount and the crown is 3mm thick. I'd need 6mm or 7mm of spacers to use the IQ-X mount on my frame. Some headsets are thicker than the Shimano Ultegra on my bike, requiring even more spacing.

The taller IQ-X mount will work on most modern forks. But older steel forks with cast crowns, in other words forks that have separate steel blades brazed into a cast crown, typically have the hole through the crown closer to the lower headset bearing than modern forks, and the IQ-X mount will require several mm of spacers behind it to clear the headset. So if you have an older style fork, like I do on my Rivendell bike, you probably want to use a different mount for the IQ-X.

If you have cantilever brakes, you can generally use the Cyo cantilever mount.

The IQ-X is the first dynamo headlight from Busch & Müller that is designed to be used upside-down if you like. The headlight itself still needs to be right-side-up, with the wires coming off the bottom, but the mounting band around the aluminum body itself can rotate around the headlight housing. This mounting band is available as a replacement part. See below.


Here I have loosened the torx bolts at the top of the mounting band, allowing the entire headlight housing to pivot around so that the mounting point is now at the top. Note that the wiring still comes out the bottom of the housing. The two short wires are for the taillight, and the 70cm long dual strand wire goes to the hub dynamo.

If you are a very silly person who won't be using a wired taillight, you must tape over or shrink wrap the connectors so as to prevent a short circuit. Nothing would be damaged, but the headlight won't work if there's a short. The headlight ships to you with all three wires routed through the body of the mount, and you can't actually see the taillight wires easily. Loosen up the bolts and then slide out the wires. The little section of heat shrink tubing (which hasn't been shrunk) will fall out. It's there to prevent a short if you never loosen that top torx bolt.


The IQ-X mount won't work with older cantilever brakes, so on my old bike I use a different mount that allows the cable to pass right through. This mount is rather long and tall, which puts the light higher above the tire, and so reduces the shadow from the tire. And when your front tire is 2.3" wide, that matters!

If you do this, you must make sure that the yoke is far enough below the mount that as the brake pads get thinner with wear, and the yoke moves further up during braking, the yoke never touches the mount. If the yoke contacts the mount, you'll lose braking force, and then you'll crash and die! Well, let's hope not. ;-) So, if every dozen rides or so you do a visual inspection of the yoke position while squeezing the brake lever, you'll know if it's time to change the brake pads or make other brake adjustments, such as shortening the yoke cable.

If my bike had wide profile cantilever brakes, the yoke could be positioned above this mount. But the brakes on this bike are low profile, and that requires a low yoke position.

Compatibility - Safety Issue!

We have recently discovered, (April 19, 2017) that the IQ-X headlight and the Busch & Müller USB-WERK charger are not compatible. When the cache battery in the USB-WERK is charging, the IQ-X beam becomes quite dim. While riding, this can happen for about two seconds, every thirty seconds or so, and so causes a dangerous situation, since the rider will briefly not be able to see the road ahead. If you have the USB-WERK and plan to use the IQ-X headlight, you should be prepared to unplug the USB-WERK at night. I recommend using the Lumotec IQ CYO Premium T Senso Plus or the new IQ-XS with the USB-WERK, since they are unaffected by this.

Some other headlights can also become dim when used with the USB-WERK, but only by very small amounts, so you would barely notice this while riding, so there is no safety concern.

B&M164RTSNDi-01 Busch & Müller IQ-X, Black $196.00
B&M164RTSNDi Busch & Müller IQ-X, Silver $196.00
B&M464SCHELLE/PB Busch & Müller mounting band for IQ-X headlight. $12.00
B&M464HSPB B&M IQ-X mount black $19.00
B&M464HPB B&M IQ-X mount silver $19.00


At 80 lux, the IQ Cyo Premium is Busch & Müller's next brightest headlight. If you want a very bright headlight, this is the best value for the money. Above, the IQ Cyo Premium Senso Plus switches itself on or off as ambient light levels change. So it's off during the day, and on at night.

The manual rotary switch is at the back of the Cyo.


Available in two versions; with or without daytime running lights. The IQ Cyo Premium Senso Plus switches itself between Daytime Running Light mode during daylight, and the nighttime beam when it gets dark, so you always have the optimal beam. If you are on tour and charging a mobile phone during the day, the T Senso Plus can also be switched off manually.

The rotary switch is at the back of the Cyo.

The IQ Cyp Premium headlights are Busch & Müller's best values in a bright headlight for cycling at night, particularly in the rain when it seems like you never really have enough light.
B&M1752QSNDi-04 Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Premium Cyo Senso Plus, 80 lux $126.00
B&M1752QTSNDi Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Premium Cyo T Senso Plus, 80 lux $136.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the Cyo headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke.
B&M475DUPB Busch & Müller Cyo cantilever mount $10.00




Excellent Corrosion Protection, Best Wear Resistance and Best Compatibility
B&M167RTSNDI Busch & Müller IQ-XS Silver $124.00
B&M167RTSNDI-01 Busch & Müller IQ-XS Black $124.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the IQ-XS headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke.
B&M475DUPB Busch & Müller Cyo cantilever mount $10.00
IQ Premium Fly RT Senso Plus



In my opinion, this is the best all around headlight for the daily urban commuter. I don't say this because the nighttime driving light is the best. It isn't. But it's close enough that it's difficult to see the difference. However, the Daytime Runing Lights (Licht 24) in the IQ Premium Fly RT are better than any other dynamo headlight. It's better because the six daytime LEDs, being spread over a large area, make for a very noticeable light during the day, increasing your visibility to oncoming drivers. We've all had the experience of an oncoming car driver turning left directly in front of us. Now, the driver won't be able to credibly tell the judge he didn't see you. Of course, the whole system can be switched off if you like, but since the drag from dynamo powered lights is so low, why would you?

The daytime running light LEDs are dimmed at night when the primary LED is lit up at full intensity, illuminating the road surface ahead of you. The beam shape of the primary LED is the same as the beam in the Lumotec IQ Premium CYO headlight. The daytime LEDs remain lit at night just enough to help with reading roadside signs, and present a larger "footprint" of the headlight itself to oncoming drivers, but not bright enough to blind oncoming drivers. If the daytime running lights were as bright at night as they are in the daytime, they would tend to blind oncoming drivers.

Now with a two position switch; Off/Senso. In Senso mode riding in daylight, the Daytime Running Lights are at full brightness. At dusk, the headlight will automatically switch over to nighttime mode and the Daytime LEDs will dim down so the road can be fully illuminated.

B&M1742QRTSNDI Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Premium Fly RT Senso Plus, 60 lux $118.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the IQ Fly headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke.
B&M474DUPB Busch & Müller Fly cantilever mount $7.00
Luxos U



The Luxos U headlight has an advanced optical system, that provides an even wider beam than the IQ system, and it's nice and bright, at 70 lux. The Luxos U has a handlebar mounted switch incorporating a USB outlet for charging USB devices. It also has a cache battery for when charging those devices that might switch off if the dynamo's voltage drops, like when standing at a stop light.

The Luxos U's beam automatically changes with the rider's speed, always producing the optimal beam pattern for that speed. At low speeds most of the light is projected relatively close to the front of the bike, and light projected further down the road is dimmed. At higher speeds the light projected further away becomes brighterThe Luxos U is far and away the most advanced bicycle headlight available.

To see the amazing Luxos beam, please see my headlights page where you can compare the Luxos beam with the beams of most other dynamo headlight beams on the market today


The Luxos U handlebar mounted switch duplicates the funtions of the switch at the rear of the headlight. It also provides a USB port for charging your mobile phone or a GPS on tour.

Luxos U headlights also incorporate Busch & Müller's "Licht 24" daytime running lights, which help make daytime cycling in high traffic safer by helping oncoming drivers see you. The Luxos U includes a "Panorama" mode, in which power is shifted from the main LED to two side LEDs that illuminate the road close to the bike and to each side. The shift in power is done automatically below 15 kph, about 9 mph. The slower you go, the brighter the panorama LEDs glow, and power isn't wasted trying to illuminate the road far ahead while you're riding very slowly.

To see the amazing Luxos beam, please see my headlights page where you can compare the Luxos beam with the beams of most other dynamo headlight beams on the market today

B&M179U-04LSR Luxos U headlight, 70 lux $293.00

Please be aware, that the Luxos U is larger than most other dynamo headlights. So when you fold up your folding bike, there can be less space for the Luxos headlight than for whatever headlight had previously been on the bike. If the Luxos U headlight is pressed against another part of the bike when folded, that can put quite a lot of strain on the mount, causing it to fail. You must be sure that when folding or unfolding the bike that there is no stress placed on the Luxos U.

So don't even think about using a Luxos U on the fork crown of a Brompton, for example.

The Luxos U ships with Busch & Müller's double strand wire to connect to the hub dynamo. They do not ship with a taillight wire. We sell Busch & Müller's double strand taillight wire, as well as a special heavy duty co-axial wire. The co-axial wire can be had with connectors only at the headlight end, or with connectors at both ends. Most Busch & Müller taillights can connect with either bare wire or 2.8mm connectors, and some connect only with the 2.8mm connectors.

To see the amazing Luxos beam, please see my headlights page where you can compare the Luxos beam with the beams of most other dynamo headlight beams on the market today

B&M424DKS4/210 Busch & Müller double strand wire, 210cm, connectors only at the headlight end $3.50
B&M424/DKS/KS4/185B Busch & Müller double strand wire, 185cm, connectors at both ends $4.50
SCH55CM48-3 Schmidt Co-Axial 55cm wire to connect Luxos to SON dynamo hub $9.00
SCH55CMB-3 Schmidt Co-Axial 55cm wire to connect Luxos to Shimano or Sanyo dynamo hub $9.00
SCH72080 Schmidt Co-Axial 190cm wire to connect Luxos to taillight, connectors at both ends $14.00
SCH72081 Schmidt Co-Axial 190cm wire to connect Luxos to taillight, connectors at one end $14.00

If you need a custom length, we can make it for you. Send us the specs and we'll quote a price.

The Luxos U is both a headlight and a charger for cell phones. But it can't do both simultaneously as 6 volt hub dynamos don't produce enough power for both functions. So, either run the headlight, or charge your phone. Don't try to do both.

The Luxos headlights can be used mounted at the fork crown on forks with a low profile cantilever brakes using the CYO cantilever mount. However, the low position of the light relative to the tire and fender will result in a larger shadow cast in front of the bike. There is no ideal mount for this application, though most folks should be satisfied with the overall performance of the Luxos mounted this way.

The included mount works on most bikes with caliper brakes, V brakes and disc brakes. The Luxos headlights can also be mounted on most handlebars. I stock handlebar mounts for standard and oversized handlebars.

See comparison photos of most dynamo headlights including the Luxos U on this page.

Download the English language instruction manual for the Luxos U headlights here. 300kb PDF

The Luxos U is not compatible with all taillights. Any taillight that grounds to the frame via its mounting bolts is incompatible with the Luxos U. Busch & Müller makes several taillights which do not make a ground connection via the mounting bolts. So these are fully compatible with the Luxos U. And should you be using a taillight that should be compatible but isn't working, try reversing the polarity of the wiring at the taillight connectors. That should fix it.

Busch & Müller is getting away from using the word "Plus" to designate those dynamo lights with a standlight, since they are no longer introducing dynamo lights with standlights. All of the dynamo lights I stock have standlights, so don't worry if the light doesn't explicitly say so in the name.

B&M323ALT Toplight Line Plus, Part # B&M323ALT $47.00
B&M323ALTV-A Toplight Line Plus Brake Tec (pulsating) $68.00
B&M321ASK-02 Toplight View Plus $27.50
B&M321ASKV-02 Toplight View Brake Plus (pulsating) $49.00
B&M322ALK Toplight Mini Plus $35.00
B&M329ASK-02 Toplight Flat S Plus $25.00
B&M331ASK-02 Secula for fender mounting $35.00
B&M331/2ASK Secula for seatpost/seatstay mounting $40.00
B&M332ALK µ (Micro) for seatpost/seatstay/fender mounting, silver $76.00
B&M332ALK-01 µ (Micro) for seatpost/seatstay/fender mounting, black $76.00

Since about November, 2015 we have attached what we call "pigtails" to the male connections on the Luxos U before we sell them. These give the user 2.8mm male connections about 10cm (4 inches) from the headlight housing, making attaching the taillight wires and input wires much easier. Please do not disconnect these wires from the Luxos U. If you don't plan to use a wired taillight, just wrap the ends of the output connectors with electrical tape or shrink tubing so that you don't create a short circuit. Don't cut them off because most people eventually decide that having a dynamo powered taillight is a very good idea.

Service for the Luxos U

The Luxos U headlight is complex. It contains Li-Ion cache batteries. As with all such batteries, they can slowly self-discharge if unused and not replenished with charge. If this self-discharge occurs over a long time-period and takes the battery below the cut-off voltage and into deep discharge, it can diminish the capacity permanently. The time period of unuse for which this can occur depends upon a number of factors, not least the state of charge when the bike was parked. Typically, it will be at least many months, or even years. Fortunately the housing can be opened up to make repairs, or to replace the cache batteries. We can replace them for you.

If the cable from the headlight to the handlebar switch/USB port is damaged, we can replace it here. In the current version of the Luxos U the cable is soldered to the circuit board. The original Luxos U has a cable that plugs into the side of the housing. We have both types of cables in stock. We can sell you the original plug-in version and ship it to you. The current version can only be replaced here, so you will need to send us the headlight.

If any of the four 2.8mm male connectors on the rear of the Luxos U should be damaged, we can repair that here.

If the Luxos U housing itself should be damaged, we can replace it here.

See prices for these parts and labor charges below.

If we are unable to get your Luxos U working again, there will be no labor charge. We test each light carefully before returning it to you.

We only sell the Luxos U headshell and the soldered USB port when we service the Luxos U here. We will not ship these components to consumers.

Also, we will only service Luxos U headlights that have been sold by bicycle shops here in the USA or in Canada. If you purchased your Luxos U from another country, you must get service in that country.

Service Charges

PWCRBTRY Replace Luxos U batteries $20.00
PWCSDRMC Solder 1 or more male connectors to Luxos U circuit board $25.00
PWCCLS Complete service for Luxos U, or headshell replacement, not including parts $50.00

Parts Prices

We do not charge for batteries or input/output 2.8mm male connectors

B&M479UUTPB Luxos U Headshell (only for sale as part of service performed here) $15.50
B&MLUXUSB/2 USB port and cable for newer Luxos U (soldered version, only for sale as part of service performed here) $50.00
B&M479LSPB USB port and cable for original Luxos U (plug-in) $54.00
Lumotec Eyc



The Lumotec Eyc, pronounced like "bike" (also like "like" for that matter) is very small and light; only 70 grams without the mount. The Lumotec T Senso Plus version with "Licht 24" daytime running lights, automatic switching and standlight. The switch has two positions, Senso and Off. When in Senso mode, the light automatically adjusts between Daytime Running Light mode in daylight, and the primary LED for road illumination at night. The Lumotec Eyc N Plus, a less expensive version with just the on/off switch and standlight but no daytime running lights is also available.


Yup, it's really small. The beam is almost as bright as the Cyo at 50 lux, compared with 60 lux for the Cyo. It's also a slightly narrower beam than the original Cyo headlight. In use, you probably wouldn't notice the difference in width, it's that small a difference. It's ideal for the urban commuter who primarily needs to see potholes and be seen by others. The IQ2 optics gives you good visibility at a distance, but also excellent near-field illumination of the road ahead.


I'm very impressed by this headlight. I've ridden with it and I like it a lot. For riding at moderate speeds, 15mph and below, it's as good as any other headlight I've ever seen. It's only at higher speeds during steep descents, and then only on roads that are otherwise unlit that this headlight falls short of other headlights costing much more, like the IQ Cyo Premium or IQ-X. Those more expensive headlights have wider beams at a distance and are a bit brighter at a distance. But for the urban commuter this headlight is gob-smackin' good.

To put this in perspective, only a few years ago, a bicycle headlight this good was unheard of. If I'd had them then, I could have sold truck loads at $300 each.

B&M160RTSNDi-04 Lumotec Eyc T Senso Plus, 50 lux $100.00
B&M160RNDi-04 Lumotec Eyc N Plus, 50 lux $90.00
Do you have a sidewall dynamo, like the Busch & Müller Dymotec 6? If so, you don't need any switch on your headlight. The Lumotec Eyc Plus has no switch.
B&M160RDi Lumotec Eyc Plus $60.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the Eyc headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke. The Cyo mount is perfect.
B&M475DUPB Busch & Müller Cyo cantilever mount $7.00
Myc 50 lux



This new headlight uses the same LED and mirror as the Lumotec Eyc, and is rated at 50 lux, just like the Eyc. However, it is slightly less bright than the Eyc, because the LED runs a bit hotter than in the Eyc, which has better cooling. The difference is small but real. Good side illumination for added safety. 50 lux


Two versions. "N Plus" with On/Off switch and standlight. And T Senso Plus with Daytime running lights (Licht 24) and automatic switching between daytime beam and nighttime beam. Mount included, as shown.


B&M150RTSNDI-04 B&M Lumotec Myc T Senso Plus, 50 lux $73.00
B&M150RNDI-04 B&M Lumotec Myc N Plus, 50 lux $64.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the Myc headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke. The Cyo mount is perfect.
B&M475DUPB Busch & Müller Cyo cantilever mount $7.00
Lumotec Avy



This new headlight replaces the Lumotec LYT. It has better optics, similar in design to the CYO and Eyc. It's smaller and less expensive than the Lumotec Lyt, so I am no longer stocking the Lumotec Lyt. Good side illumination for added safety. 30 lux


Two versions. "N Plus" with On/Off switch and standlight. And T Senso Plus with Daytime running lights (Licht 24) and automatic switching between daytime beam and nighttime beam. Mount included, as shown.


B&M162RTSNDI-04 B&M Lumotec Avy T Senso Plus, 30 lux $72.00
B&M162RNDI-04 B&M Lumotec Avy N Plus, 30 lux $58.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the Avy headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke. The Cyo mount is perfect.
B&M475DUPB Busch & Müller Cyo cantilever mount $7.00



The new for 2018 Upp headlight provides a 30 lux beam with excellent near-field illumination ideal for the urban commuter. The included mount works with any unicrown fork with either disc brakes or v brakes. Available in two versions. The Upp T Senso Plus will automatically switch from a daytime beam to a nighttime beam as ambiant light levels rise or fall. The less expensive Upp N Plus is manually operated; either on with a nighttime beam or off. 30 lux

B&M166TSNDi Busch & Müller Upp T Senso Plus, 30 lux $32.00
B&M166NDi Busch & Müller Upp N Plus, 30 lux $25.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the Upp headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke. The Fly mount is perfect.
B&M474DUPB Busch & Müller Fly cantilever mount $7.00
Lumotec Classic



The Lumotec Classic is styled much like the dynamo headlights of the 1950s. But the internals are all modern, using the LED, optical system and electronics of the Lumotec Lyt headlights. As with the other B&M headlights, it's available in two versions. All have Standlight technology. The LED remains lit, at a lower intensity for several minutes after you stop, say at a traffic light. I also stock a version with "Licht 24", Daytime Running Lights.

B&M1786CTSNDI Lumotec Classic T Senso Plus $86.00
B&M1786CNDI Lumotec Classic N Plus $65.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the Classic headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke. The Fly mount is perfect.
B&M474DUPB Busch & Müller Fly cantilever mount $7.00


Lyt Basic N Plus



This headlight produces 20 lux and has the same shape of beam as the Classic.

B&M1781NDi B&M Lumotec LYT Basic N Plus, 20 lux $20.00
If your bike has cantilever brakes, the standard mount for the Lyt headlights won't work. You need a mount that will pass under the yoke. The Cyo mount is perfect.
B&M475DUPB Busch & Müller Cyo cantilever mount $7.00


Onefive T Senso Plus



This new headlight, as of 2016, is made exclusively for 1.5 watt dynamo hubs. It must not be used with 2.4 watt or 3 watt dynamos, as those higher power dynamos will damage the Onefive. But if you have been sold one of these low power hubs, the Onefive T Senso Plus will provide a brighter beam than a headlight designed for a 3 watt hub.

As of March, 2016, the only 1.5 watt hub I know of is the Shimano DH-S701.

B&M165RTSNDi Busch & Müller Onefive T Senso Plus $40.00
Replacement Halogen Bulbs



All Busch & Müller halogen headlights use HS3 drop in style bulbs, made by either Osram or Phillips. Almost all of the headlights I sell these days use LEDs. These bulbs are only for use with older halogen bulb headlights.

They don't screw in, they drop in. Notice the flange around the center of the bulb. See the notch in the flange? That notch fits around a ridge in the bulb mounting position of the headlight. The filament is positioned relative to the notch. So the notch is forcing the filament to be aligned very precisely and that is critical in focusing the beam correctly. That's why Busch & Müller uses these bulbs rather than bulbs that screw in.

These bulbs are available in three versions; two for 6 volt systems, and one for their 12 volt system, powered by the Dymotec S12 sidewall dynamo. The 2.4 watt bulb is for use with a 6 volt dynamo when the headlight is being used along with a wired taillight. The taillight consumes .6 watts. The total draw on the dynamo needs to be 3 watts. So with a .6 watt taillight, you use a 2.4 watt bulb. If you can't use a wired taillight for some reason, you would then use a 3 watt bulb in the headlight. If you use a 2.4 watt bulb in the headlight when you don't have a taillight connected, the bulb can burn out quickly.

These 6 volt bulbs work in all Busch & Müller 6 volt halogen headlights. They also work in the Schmidt E6 as well as the old BiSy headlight. I don't know if they are compatible with other brands of headlights.

The 5 watt bulb can only be used in the 12 volt Lumotec Oval Plus 12 headlight.

Don't mix and match between 6 volt components and 12 volt components.

I don't sell other types of bulbs for dynamo headlights. I only sell bulbs for the headlights I sell. If you have a dynamo headlight with a screw in bulb, my best advice is to replace it with a Busch & Müller headlight. The beam will be much better.

I do not sell bulbs for taillights. Since LEDs work so much better in a taillight than bulbs, I recommend that anyone with a bulb type taillight upgrade to an LED type.

LUMBB2.4 6 volt, 2.4 watt halogen bulb $4.00
LUMBB3W6V 6 volt, 3 watt halogen bulb $5.00
B&MB5 12 volt, 5 watt halogen bulb $16.50

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