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Cat Eye

We have a few Cat Eye lights from a few years back. Not much left.

Whenever possible, I recommend using rechargeable batteries since they last much longer than alkalines and don't fill up the land fill nearly as fast.


The Cat Eye H-27 also works with the same headlights but uses a knurled knob instead of a quick release lever. $ 1.80

Flex-Tight Headlight Bracket

Most of Cat Eye's newer LED headlights come with their new Flex-Tight Bracket. It works like a hose clamp but instead of using a screw driver to tighten it, you just turn a nylon knob. So it will fit any size handlebar without the need for shims. And if you want to get really crazy and mount the light on something smaller than a handlebar, it also comes with a nice fat shim. As of February, 2007, here are the headlights that will work with the Flex Tight Bracket: HL-EL830RC, HL-EL820RC, HL-EL730RC, HL-EL720RC, HL-EL530, HL-EL520, HL-EL510, HL-EL500, HL-EL320, HL-EL300, HL-EL220, HL-EL210, HL-EL200, HL-EL135, HL-EL130, HL-EL110, HL-EL100, HL-MC200. Like I said, some of these lights already come with the Flex-Tight Bracket. But if you want to easily swap the light between bikes, or if you want to upgrade to the Flex-Tight, we have them available. It's Cat Eye's part number 533-8827. It's our part number CATLT3980 $ 2.50

Don't confuse this with the Flex-Tight Taillight Bracket below!


New from Cat Eye, the LD-260 has a mount that pivots in three planes, see the pictures below. It's a headlight with a single LED. It's not intended to be your only headlight. It's bright enough for drivers to see you coming, and for fixing a flat tire, or reading a cue sheet. It's also a good backup, in case your primary headlight fails, you can see the road, but you shouldn't ride fast with it. LD-260 $ 7.75

I have a taillight version; black case with a red lens. It's the LD260 BRR. Our part number is CATLT4089. $ 6.00

The LD-260 takes 3 AAA batteries which are included. The clamp is the SP-5, and it includes an extra pad so it will fit tubes as small as 20mm. Of course, any Cat Eye clamp will fit. See below.

One very nice feature of the LD260 is the different diameter clamps that are available for it. You can clamp the light to something as thin as a seatstay on your frame, or as large as the seatpost. Clamps are available for tubes sized 12.7mm through 34.5mm. I stock them all.

The mount is particularly nice. Not only do you have the seven different clamp sizes, but the mount itself rotates around three planes. The mount can be rotated to allow mounting to vertical tubes as well as horizontal tubes.

This creates some interesting mounting options.


I stock the full range of Cat Eye clamps.






$ 0.75






$ 0.80






$ 1.00




This piece connects the LD-260 to the round clamp. It's my part number CATLT4011. It pivots in the center, as you can see in the photos above. Cat Eye calls it the Horizontal Mount. $ 1.90

Another version of this mount has the rear section (on the left) angled ninety degrees to clockwise, making for more interesting mounting positions for the LD-260. It's Cat Eye's part number 544-1050 and they call it their Vertical Mount. It's our part number CATLT4013. $ 1.50


This sleek light comes with either a red or white LED that mounts to your handlebar or seatpost, so people can see you coming and going. These are only for others to see you by. They won't help you see where you're going.


  • Up to 90 hours of run time
  • Runs on 2 N size batteries
  • Flex-Tight? mounting bracket

Our part number for the red lens version is CATLT4170 $ 6.25

Our part number for the clear lens version with white LEDs is CATLT4172 $ 7.50




Flex-Tight Taillight Bracket

This new bracket makes it easyto mount a variety of Cat Eye taillights to the rear of you bike. It easily adjusts to different diameter tubes on your frame or rear rack. It works like a hose clamp, but instead of using a screw driver, you just tighten a nylon knob. As of February, 2007, it works with these Cat Eye taillights: TL-LD600, TL-LD550-F, TL-LD500-F, TL-LD270, TL-LD150, TL-LD130, TL-LD120, TL-LD110, TL-LD100. It's Cat Eye's part number 534-2260. It's our part number CATLT3982 $ 2.50


These innovative lights are waterproof to 50 meters and can mount anywhere with their innovative elastric strap. A new type of magnetic switch makes it easy to turn this light on in any condition. Three lighting modes include flashing, constant, and alternating. Available in both red and white.

Red: Our part number CATLT4105 $ 5.50

Clear/White: Our part number CATLT4106 $ 7.25

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