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SRAM Chains

I sell SRAM and Connex chains.

SRAM chains used to be called Sachs, and before that, Sedis. Next week they'll probably call them something else.

SRAM 10 speed PC-1070: $ 48.00

SRAM 10 speed PC-1090: $ 58.00

SRAM 9 speed PC-951: $ 19.00

SRAM 9 speed PC-971: $ 27.00

SRAM 9 speed PC-991 Hollow Pins: $ 50.60

SRAM 9 speed PC-991 Cross Step Rivets: $ 39.80

SRAM 6-7-8 speed PC-830 All Grey plates: $ 13.00

SRAM 6-7-8 speed PC-870 Nickel Plated outer plates, Grey inner plates: $ 25.20

See the Connex page for a wide assortment of Connex chains by Wippermann


Replacement Power Link for 9 speed SRAM chains, $ 4.00

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