FiberFix Replacement Spokes

Replacing a broken spoke on the road, particularly one on the cassette side of a rear wheel, can be a major pain in the unmentionable. The FiberFix replacement spoke is a flexible aramid cord that loops through the empty spoke hole in your hub and is then tensioned to bring your wheel back into true.

What is aramid you ask? Well, it's a material used in bullet proof vests. It's stronger than steel. Dupont makes aramid fiber, and calls it Kevlar. People often refer to the Fiberfix spoke as a Kevlar spoke. But Dupont doesn't like that. And they once sent me a threatening letter because this web page referred to "Kevlar Spokes". So, I guess I can't call Fiberfix Spokes "Kevlar Spokes" any more. It's very sad.

A FiberFix spoke costs $13.99

Read their instructions below to see how it works.



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