Metric Hardware

We stock a wide range of stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts for attaching stuff to your bike. Virtually all of the threads on a modern bicycle are metric; either 5mm or 6mm. The stated length of the bolt is not the total length. For instance, a socket cap screw has a cap at the end, into which you put the allen wrench. The height of the cap is not factored into the lenth of the screw, only the threaded portion, and any smooth section of the same diameter in longer lengths. The first dimension is the thread diameter, the second is the length. So, a 5mm x 10 has a 5mm diameter, and the thread is 10mm long. Some longer lengths aren't threaded over their entire length. But the stated length of the bolt includes both the threaded section, and any unthreaded section that's the same diameter. For example, a 40mm long bolt might only be threaded over the last 25mm, the other 15mm under the head being smooth. All prices are per piece.

Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws

5mm x 10mm $. 0.45 (Perfect for water bottles)

5mm x 12mm $. 0.60

5mm x 14mm $. 0.60

5mm x 16mm $. 0.60

5mm x 18mm $. 0.75

5mm x 20mm $. 0.70

5mm x 25mm $. 0.65

5mm x 30mm $. 0.75

5mm x 35mm $. 0.75

6mm x 20mm $. 0.90

6mm x 25mm $. 0.90

6mm x 40mm $ 1.00 (Perfect for the fork crown of an Atlantis frame)

6mm x 45mm $ 1.20 (Perfect for the fork crown of an Atlantis frame if you're mounting lots of stuff!)

Stainless Steel Button Head Screws

Because the allen bolt used in a button head screw is smaller than in a cap screw, you can make cap screws tighter without risk of stripping the head. But these look better. For instance, in a 5mm thread, a cap screw uses a 4mm allen wrench. But a button head uses a 3mm allen wrench. Not for use where you need the bolt extremely tight, because the small allen heads can round off with too much torque.

5mm x 8mm $. 0.40

5mm x 10mm $. 0.40

5mm x 12mm $. 0.45

Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts

Nylock nuts have a little nylon ring which holds the nut tight on the bolt, so you don't need to use Loctite to keep things from loosening up and falling off. I hate it when things fall off. Don't you?

5mm stainless Nylock nut $. 0.32

6mm stainless Nylock nut $. 0.32


5mm flat washer $.12

6mm flat washer $.12

5mm wave washer zinc plated $. 0.07

5mm lock washer with internal teeth $. 0.18 (the teeth are pointed towards the thread of the bolt)

Large Outside Diameter Washers

These are larger than normal washers to spread the load over a wider area.

6mm stainless Large OD $.40

Nylon Spacers

We now have spacers too. I got them in for fitting fenders. The fender mounting points on many frames are rarely positioned exactly where you'd like the fender to be. Our Atlantis frames are wonderful, but the seat stay bridge is higher than it needs to be. And if you mount the fender right up flush to the bridge, it's just too high. And I'm sure you'll be able to find any number of additional uses for these. The inside diameter is 5.3mm. The outside diameter is 10mm. And we have several lengths to choose from.

3mm: $ 0.75 each

5mm: $ 0.80 each

7.5mm: $ 1.26 each

10mm: $ 1.26 each

15mm: $ 1.57 each

20mm: $ 2.00 each

These are all made of a hard and slightly translucent white nylon material.



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