Invalid Bikes, not from Peter White Cycles

For those folks who don't get the joke, this is an "invalid bike".

picture of downhill bycycle

I call it that because it would seem to be made for people with some form of physical infirmity. I say that because the only time you see people using these bikes is on mountains where there is a downhill ski slope, with the requisite ski lift. People take these bikes onto the lift and ride up to the top of the mountain. Then, they get off, and ride down the mountain. Presumably, if they were in good health, they would ride up and down the mountain. Hence, the term, "invalid bikes". It's also a play on words. A "valid bike" wouldn't look like this.

Some people, when they read on the home page of this website, that I don't have parts for Invalid Bikes, and that you should call the feds and report me, get mad and send me nasty emails. It happens about once a month. Ah, life is good!

So, to make it perfectly clear, I'm not making fun of people with real disabilities. Some of my best friends have disabilities. Oh Brother! Actually, arthritis is doing a pretty good job of disabling me.

No, I'm making a joke about downhill mountain biking, a "sport" which frankly makes no sense to me whatsoever. I'm a cross country skier, and I've been calling downhill skiing "Invalid Skiing" for decades, for the same reason. I figure if you're going to be outdoors, you should take in the whole experience. The ride down the mountain is only half the fun, whether you're on a bike or on skis. Real skiis are cross country skiis, in my opinion.

Since downhill mountain biking makes no sense to me, I don't use any of the specialized equipment that goes into these bikes, and so I know next to nothing about them. That being the case, I don't stock any of the specialized components for downhill bikes. I can't tell you which type of handlebar, headset or pedal is best for this type of riding, because I know next to nothing about the sport. It isn't my area of expertice, so I don't cater to that part of the market. That's all.

Now call the feds. ;-)