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Super i Cable

Pedalpower's new Super i Cable puts a 1000mA cache battery inside the same housing as the AC to DC converter (rectifier). You can charge any USB devie like a GPS or a cell phone, including any iPhone with the Super i Cable. It comes complete with connectors for Schmidt and Shimano dynamo hubs. If you have a Sanyo dynamo hub, let us know, we'll include the right connector. You also get plugs to pre-charge the cache battery from a wall outlet. And you also get a full set of adapters for various devices, like Mini USB, Micro USB and the fancy iPhone connector. The iPhone 5 requires an additional connector which sells for $34.00

The Super i Cable is wired in parallel with your headlight to your dynamo.

Now, why do they call it a cable? I don't know. True, it has a cable, but the cable part isn't the interesting part. The interesting part is the rectifier that changes the AC output of a dynamo to DC. Modern LED dynamo lights are designed to run on AC, but you need DC to charge a battery. So, if I were naming this product, I'd call it the Super i Rectifier, because, well, that's what it is, a rectifier. But, it's not my job to name products, it's only my job to sell them, so I'll shut up now.

Photo soon.

Super i Cable: $ 185.00

Universal Cable


The Pedalpower+ Universal Cable converts the AC output of a 6 volt hub dynamo to DC, so that your hub's power can be used to charge batteries. So if you have a GPS or a cell phone, and want to keep the batteries charged, or at least, extend their run time, you now have a convenient means to do this on tour, or even while commuting to work. The Universal Cable is compatible with almost all devices that charge their batteries via USB. On exception is the Apple iPhone. Pedalpower+ Universal Cable: $ 116.00

Universal i Cable


The Pedalpower + Universal i Cable has the same capabilities as the Universal Cable, plus it is compatible with the Apple iPhone. The iCable comes with piggyback connectors already attached. These plug directly onto the connectors of a SON dynamo hub. They can be removed if you are using another brand of dynamo hub. You will also need a set of adapters for various devises to be charged. See below for the Pedalpower+ Adapter Set.

Pedalpower+ Universal i Cable: $ 136.00

Adapter Set


Adapters for a wide variety of cell phones and GPS units are included with the V4i. This set of adapters is also available separately if you buy just the Universal Cable or Universal i Cable.

Pedalpower+ Adapter Set: $ 24.00

Right Angle Mini USB Cable

If your device takes a Mini USB cable, you may benefit from using the Right Angle Mini USB cable. This cable plugs into the DC output of Universal Cable or i Cable, or the V4i, and then connects to your device. If it would be better for your device to not have a cable sticking straight out from its socket, use the Right Angle Mini USB cable.

Right Angle Mini USB cable: $ 30.00


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