Specialites TA quill pedals with sealed ball and roller bearings for toe clips and straps. These are the finest traditional pedals made, probably the finest ever made. Lubrication port in the end cap. Road style quill is available only in steel (black finish). Polished aluminum road quills are no longer available. Track quill (pictured above) was available in grey anodized aluminum, polished aluminum and black steel cage. The track style eliminates the outer portion of the quill that wraps around, connecting the front with the rear.

All TA pedals are sold out. No more, probably forever.

Price for track style: Unavailable, probably forever.

I doubt we'll ever get more of these.

MKS Chrome Steel Toe Clips, S,M,L,XL - $ 18.00

Sizes: Small - 40mm; Medium - 50mm; Large - 55mm; Extra Large - 65mm

For those not familiar with the MKS clips, they are almost identical to the old Christophe clips, which haven't been made for several years. If you liked the Christophe clips, you'll like the MKS.

What size toe clips should I buy?

Well now how do I know? ;-) But I can help you figure it out! All quill pedals have about the same dimensions fore/aft. From the center of the axle forward to the quill is about 30mm. Then add the length of the toe clip. Remember, this isn't the length from the front of the clip to the back where you attach the strap. It's from the front of the clip to the mounting plate at the pedal. Most people ride with the ball of the foot just about over the axle of the pedal. So, with the shoes you intend to ride with, measure the distance from the ball of your foot to the front of the shoe. Add a few millimeters for clearance, and pick the clip that gives you at least that much distance. You can always take up space by padding the end of the toe clip. And you can always space the clip out from the pedal a bit if you guess too short.

EAI Leather toe straps (better leather than Christophe), Black or White - $ 16.00

EAI Leather toe straps laminated with nylon, White - $28.00


MKS has made quill pedals for many years. The Sylvan Touring is wide and durable.

All Silver finish: $ 39.00

Silver body with black quill: $ 37.00

We also have the Sylvan Road with wrap-around road style quill: $ 35.00

And, we've just found some new old stock Mavic 646 pedals. These are Look type pedals that take the non-rotating black cleats, (included). However, the pedal itself rotates. And, the amount of rotation is adjustable. The result is a much smoother pivoting action than Look pedals with the Red cleats, (they feel like Speedplays) and far more durable, since the cleat isn't moving relative to the pedal. These are my favorite Look type pedal. Unfortunately, the price of these has gone way up from the supplier, so I am not keeping them in stock. However, I can order them for you. $180.00

Brand Model Recessed? Weight Price
MKS Sylvan Touring Quill style ? $ 39.00
MKS Sneaker Platform ? $ 20.00
Speedplay Light Action Stainless axle No 206 gr $ 149.00
Speedplay Zero Titanium No 164 gr $ 245.00
Speedplay Zero Stainless No 206 gr $ 175.00


Speedplay also makes a less expensive pedal, the X/5. We don't sell them. It's not that there's anything wrong with them, it's just that we can only stock just so many items, and so we have to draw the line somewhere. We don't special order any Speedplay items, sorry.

Speedplay pedals include cleats at no additional charge.

I stock cleats for Speedplay pedals. I also stock SPD cleats.

Speedplay X Cleats $ 35.00
Speedplay Frog Cleats (I only have the current version) $ 40.00
Speedplay Zero Cleats $ 32.00
Speedplay Coffe Shop Caps for X cleats $ 10.00
Speedplay Zero Coffee Shop Caps $ 10.00


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