Pedal Spacers from Peter White Cycles

Pedal Spacers

These come as a set, one with left hand threading for the left pedal, and one with right hand threading for the right pedal. Thread these into your cranks as you would your pedals. Then thread the pedals into the pedal spacers.

If you naturally walk with your toes pointed out, or have a wide pelvis you may find pedalling to be more comfortable with these spacers installed. They will allow you to angle your cleats to a more comfortable position without having your heels hit the crank arms. There are two sizes available: 20mm and 25mm. So for example, the 20mm size will position your pedals 3/4" or 20 millimeters further from the cranks. In other words, if you use them both, and I expect that most folks would, your pedals would end up 1 1/2" or 40mm wider apart from each other.

If you have cleated shoes that allow the cleat to be moved side to side, the pedal spacers will offer you a wide range of foot positions, not just a fixed 20mm or 25mm increase in pedal to crank distance.

The new version, not shown, has flats on the side for a wrench instead of an allen key. This is an improvement since you can get more torque on them for tightening. One of these days I'll make a photo of the new version.



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