Road Brake Levers

Manufacturer Model Description Price
Dia Compe BRS 287V Increased cable travel for compatibility with V brakes $
Shimano BL-R600 Shimano's best lever, Dura Ace/Ultegra quality, includes cables and housing $
Shimano BL-R400 The levers aren't polished as well, but they work just as well. Tiagra/Sora, includes cables and housing. $ 44.99
Shimano Dura Ace STI 9 speed shifter and brake lever. Flight Deck compatible. $
Shimano Ultegra STI 9 speed levers for double or triple chainwheels. Flight Deck compatible. $
Shimano Sora STI 8 speed levers for triple chainrings. Flight Deck compatible. $
Shimano Sora STI 8 speed levers for double chainrings. Flight Deck compatible. $ 129.00
Shimano Sora STI 7 speed levers for triple chainrings. No Flight Deck $ 160.00
Shimano Sora STI 7 speed levers for double chainrings. No Flight Deck $
If you have old Campagnolo Nuovo Record or Super Record brake levers, and the rubber hoods have disintegrated, I can sell you a set of replacements. The official Campy hoods are no longer available. But I've found a supplier of aftermarket hoods that look similar and fit perfectly. I don't have a photo of these hoods. These hoods are not intended to fool any collector of old Campy parts. These hoods are simply for people who have old Campy brake levers, and want to be able to use them as they were originally intended. In other words, these are for people who ride bikes, not for people who look at and drool over bikes. Please do not call us to discuss the aesthetics of these brake lever hoods. When you're out riding your bike, it's best to be looking at something other than your brake lever hoods, such as the road. ;-)
EAI NR Hoods Campy Clone hoods for Nuovo Record or Super Record levers (pair) $ 20.00

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