Road Bike Rims

700c Rims

Model Description Weight Width Tire Width Spokes
Mavic Open Pro Silver Finish

Very shallow "V" section rim with full double eyelet. This is the industry standard for a lightweight racing rim. Milled sidewalls for smooth braking action.

Black version also available at slightly higher price. 28 hole available in black.

425gr 19.5mm outside, 13.8mm inside 20 - 28mm 32, 36
Mavic Open Pro CD Same as above but hard anodized for a more durable sidewall. 425gr 19.5mm outside, 13.8mm inside 20 - 28mm 32, 36
Mavic CXP33 Black Finish Heavier and stronger than the Open Pro, with a so called "Aero" shape. Yes, I'm sure you'll go much faster! Ha! But the real advantage is strength. The 'V" shape is very stiff, so you get less flexion in the wheel, and less stress on the spokes. This is a good thing if you're a heavy rider. 470 grams 19.5mm outside, 13.8mm inside 20 - 28mm 28, 32, 36 $
Mavic CXP22 S Black Finish Similar "Aero" shape to the CXP33, but with 6106 Aluminum rather than the more expensive and harder Maxtal aluminum alloy, and additional channels inside for strength. 510 grams 19.5mm outside, 13.8mm inside 20 - 28mm 28, 32, 36 $ 49.95
See my Velocity page for all the Velocity Rims
Velocity Deep-V My strongest narrow rim for racing. 30mm tall 520gr. 19mm 20-25mm 28, 32, 36
$ 110.00
Velocity Aerohead My lightest road rim. Very durable, considering the weight. Silver, Grey or Black 405gr 20mm 20-28mm 32, 36
Velocity Aerohead O/C Same as the Aerohead, but the spoke holes are offset to reduce dish. These are terrific for Campagnolo rear wheels. Silver, Grey or Black 400gr 20mm 20-28mm 32, 36

650c Road Racing Rims

Many triathlon bikes use 650C rims to reduce wind resistance. We stock several models.

Mavic Open Pro CD Same as the Open Pro 700c 410gr 19.5mm 20-23 32 $
Mavic CXP33 Black Same as the CXP33 in 700c 430gr 19.5mm 20-23 32 $ 84.95
Velocity Aerohead Same as 700c Aerohead Black Only 390gr 20mm 20-23 28, 32 $ 78.99
Velocity Aerohead Same as 700c Aerohead O/C Black Only 385gr 20mm 20-23 28, 32 $
For more information on Velocity rims, go to Velocity USA.



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