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Schwalbe Tires

Schwalbe makes a huge selection of tires. I can only manage to stock a few due to space considerations. So I'm stocking the ones that I think are ideal for our commuting, light touring, loaded touring, recumbent and tandem riders. I also stock a few racing tires, both tubulars and clinchers, for road and cyclo cross racing. I don't special order Schwalbe tires. The only models and sizes we sell are the ones you see listed here.

Many of my Schwalbe tires have reflective strips on the sidewalls to help automobile drivers see you better at night. I wish all tire makers would put these reflective strips on tires used by commuters. But of course you shouldn't depend only on these strips to keep you safe while riding after dark. See our large selection of lights to help you see the road and for others to see you. With lights and other proper equipment, your bike won't be just a play thing any more. The racing tires don't have the reflective strip on the sidewall. In each description I'll tell you if there's a reflective strip or not.

Also, many of my Schwalbe tires have a dynamo strip on each sidewall. For your bicycle to be a practical means of transportation, it will need lights. What good would a car be without lights? Same goes for a bicycle if you want to use it for more than just fun and games. I sell high quality sidewall dynamos that provide the power you need for bright headlights and taillights. The dynamo rolls on the sidewall of the tire. And to keep the roller from slipping in the rain, the tire needs to have a strip of ridged rubber along the sidewall. Most good quality touring tires have these dynamo strips, including most Schwalbe tires. In each description I'll tell you if the tire has a dynamo strip.

To get a good view of the dynamo strip, scroll down and look at the image of the Marathon Racer when you click on the image below. The large image you get clearly shows the ribbed side of the tire. The new Marathon Supreme and Kojak tires do not have a dynamo strip. But they do have the reflective sidewall strip.

I have presta inner tubes to fit all of the tires we sell. And I have schraeder tubes for the recumbent 20" and 26" sizes. See the Inner Tubes page. I'm adding more tubes all the time. So if there's a size you need that's not listed, call or email. But I keep the list of tire sizes up to date. If you don't see a size tire listed here, it's because I don't have it yet.

Click on the small images to see a large detailed image of each tire. And be careful when choosing 16" and 20" tires. They each have two varieties, both called either 16" or 20", but both with different diameters, so they simply won't fit on the other rim. For example, there are two 16" sizes, 305mm diameter and 349mm diameter. I don't know why this is, it just is. So when you call us wanting to order tires, it's not enough to say you want a 16" tire or a 20" tire. You'll need to know the exact metric diameter. To find it, you'll need to look closely at the sidewall of your old tire and find all the numbers you can read. Hopefully you'll see either a 305 or a 349, in the case of 16" tires, or either 406 or 451 in the case of 20" tires. If you can't find those numbers, try to have the tire or wheel handy when you call as I may be able to help you determine what size tire you need. It may involve using a ruler to measure across the diameter of the rim, for instance. But whatever it takes, we should be able to get you the tire size you need. And the last thing we want to do is ship you the wrong size, particularly if time is short.

Many recumbent bicycles use a 20" front wheel and a 26" rear wheel. And many Schwalbe tires are available in both sizes, so you can have matching tires front and rear, even though the sizes are quite different.

Schwalbe, like almost all tire manufacturers these days, gives tire pressure ratings that are way too high. These high ratings are based on the manufacturer's best guess for how much pressure the tire can take before the tire blows off the rim. Since rims vary slightly in diameter, any given tire can be a loose fit on one rim, and a tight fit on another. So the tire's pressure rating is a conservative estimate based on the smallest diameter rim the tire manufacturer expects you, the customer, will ever use. But that doesn't make that pressure rating a good guide for you when deciding how much air to put in your tires. On Schwalbe tires, the low end of the range of pressures is a better guide. Don't use the high end of the range.

Big Apple

Click the Image Above.

The biggest Schwalbe tires are the Big Apple models which are available in 50mm and 60mm widths. Not many road frames will take the 60mm widths, or even the 50mm width for that matter. These tires also fit bikes that take the so-called 29er tires. 29er is just another term for 700c. But if you have a bike like the Rivendell Atlantis and you won't be using fenders, you can just fit the 60mm Big Apples (with maybe 3mm clearance) and have the most comfortable ride possible. And if you have a 29er mountain bike and want a fast road tire, these are ideal. With tires this big, 30psi is plenty! And the ride is wonderful! Smaller size Atlantis frames with 26" rims (except for the 47cm) will take the 26x2.00 with fenders or the 26x2.35 without fenders. Again, the clearance with the 60mm tire is very tight. 58cm and larger Atlantis frames will take the 28x2.00 (700c-50c) with fenders and 28x2.35 (700c-60c) without. The Big Apple has a reflective strip on the sidewall for increased visibility at night.

The tread has very shallow groves, making the tire practically a slick for very low rolling resistance.

700c - 622mm - 29er

Big Apple, 60-622 / 28 x 2.35 / 700 x 60 35oz, Kevlar Guard, Part # SWL11100076: $

Big Apple, 60-622 / 28 x 2.35 / 700 x 60 35oz, Race Guard, Part # SWL11100417: $ 50.40

Big Apple, 50-622 / 28 x 2.00 / 700 x 50 31oz, Kevlar Guard, Part # SWL11100067: $ 47.00

26" - 559mm

Big Apple, 60-559 / 26 x 2.35 31oz, Race Guard, Part # SWL11100299: $ 46.65

Big Apple, 50-559 / 26 x 2.00 28oz, Race Guard, Part # SWL11100298: $

Marathon Racer

Click the Image Above. This clearly shows the dynamo strip.

Schwalbe's next size down in a fast rolling near slick tread tire is the Marathon Racer. We have these in 700 x 38, 700 x 35, and 700 x 30 sizes, plus 26 x 1.5 and 20 x 1.5. For 2008, the Racer uses their new tread compound (Speedgrip) for even lower rolling resistance. This replaces the Qualifier compound. Reflective strip on the sidewall for visibility at night. And the bead is foldable making it light weight and compact to carry on tour for a spare.

Why is the tread grooved?

Like the Big Apple, the Marathon Racer has very shallow grooves in the tread for low rolling resistance. It's effectively a slick, and as such will have maximum grip with low rolling resistance on all surfaces except wet dirt. Grooved tread on pavement does nothing to improve traction in the rain, unlike on a automobile tire with a rectangular contact patch. The oval contact patch of a bicycle tire forces water to the sides of the tire, eliminating hydroplaning. Water doesn't build up in front of the tire. Bicycle tire manufacturers put tiny treads on their high performance tires only to reassure consumers who may not understand the way bicycle tires function in the rain.

700c - 622mm

Marathon Racer, 40-622 / 700 x 38c 16oz Foldable Bead: $

Marathon Racer, 35-622 / 700 x 35c 14oz Foldable Bead: $

Marathon Racer, 30-622 / 700 x 30c 13oz Foldable Bead: $

26" - 559mm

Marathon Racer, 40-559 / 26 x 1.5 15oz Foldable Bead: $ 54.00

Close-Out - Qualifier Compound, Marathon Racer wire bead 26 x 1.5 19oz: $ 43.68


Marathon Slick

Click the Image Above.

Next we have the Marathon Slick. These are discontinued by Schwalbe. We have only a single tire left in stock. as of November, 2008. The Marathon Slick also has a reflective strip on the sidewall for enhanced visibility at night.


26" - 559mm

Marathon Slick, 47-559 / 26 x 1.75 24oz $



Click the Image Above.

The Marathon 2006 is Schwalbe's new standard heavy duty touring tire. They now just call it the Marathon. It's got a Kevlar belt under the tread for puncture resistance without high rolling resistance. It's got a dynamo strip to help your sidewall dynamo work in the rain. It's got a reinforced sidewall to help the tire stand up to sidewall abrasion from rocks and cracks in the road. It's got a moderate tread to help with traction on wet dirt roads and sand. It's got a reflective strip on the sidewall for added visibility at night. If you just want an all around great tire for loaded touring without spending a forture, this is it. We stock 7 sizes, two for 26:" four for 700c and one for 20" (406). These are all big tires. If you've got one of those silly racing bikes, look elsewhere for rubber. ;-)

There is an older style Marathon tire, with a different tread pattern and a less sophisticated puncture protection belt under the tread. I sell that older tire in sizes that the new Marathon 2006 is not made, the 16" 305 size, for instance. See below.

27" - 630mm

Yup. This is the size those old "ten speed" bikes used back in the 1970s. So if you need a high quality tire for that Raleigh Grand Prix, Motobecane Super Mirage or Fuji S-10-S, this is the one.

Marathon, 32-630 / 27" 21oz $

700c - 622mm

Marathon, 47-622 / 28 x 1.75 / 700 x 47c 29oz $ 41.00

Marathon, 42-622 / 28 x 1.60 / 700 x 40c 25oz $

Marathon, 37-622 / 28 x 1.40 / 700 x 35c 23oz $

Marathon, 32-622 / 28 x 1.25 / 700 x 32c 21oz $

Marathon, 28-622 / 28 x 1.1 / 700 x 28c 20oz $

26" - 559mm

Marathon, 50-559 / 26 x 2.00 30oz $

Marathon, 47-559 / 26 x 1.75 26oz $

20" - 406mm

Marathon, 47-406 / 20 x 1.75 520 grams: $

Marathon, 40-406 / 20 x 1.5 440 grams: $

16" - 349

Marathon, 37-349 / 16 x 1-3/8" 320 grams: $

Marathon (original style)

Click the image for a larger picture.

I stock the original Marathon in just one size, which the new Marathon 2006 isn't made yet.

16" - 305mm

Marathon, 40-305 / 16 x 1.5" 335 grams: $

Marathon Plus

Click the Image Above.

For extreme puncture resistance, Schwalbe has their 5mm thick Smartguard layer between the tread and the casing in the Marathon Plus tires. We stock these in many sizes for 700c and 26". Tires with the Smartguard layer have relatively high rolling resistance and are heavy for their size, so you won't be winning any races with these, unless the race is being held on a road paved with roofing nails, in which case you'll win by a country mile. The Marathon Plus is not built for speed, so the tread grooves are bit deeper than the others and particularly to the side it's a bit more aggressive for dirt roads. It's got Schwalbe's reflective strip on the sidewall to help drivers see you at night. All Marathon Plus tires have a wire bead and a dynamo strip. They are not foldable.

Please be aware that these tires are among the most difficult to mount that I have ever used, but not for the usual reason. Some tire and rim combinations are difficult to mount because the tire is relatively small and the rim is relatively large, making the bead a very tight fit on the rim. That is not the issue with these tires. You shouldn't need tire irons to mount these. With the Marathon Plus, the tire is difficult to mount because the thick blue layer is very stiff, making it difficult to get the tire's bead within the sidewalls of the rim. You push it in at the valve, then try to push it in a few inches one way or the other, and it pops out back at the valve. You need a strong grip to mount these tires. If you don't have a strong grip, you should probably get a different tire. However, once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to mount them, perhaps taking an extra minute or two compared with most other tires. Until you get the hang of it, mounting these tires can be a frustrating experience. But once you get them on, you'll most likely not have to take them off before they have worn through the outer tread.

700c - 622mm

Marathon Plus, 47-622 / 28 x 1.75 / 700 x 47c 38oz, Part #SWL11151348, Price: $ 57.00

Marathon Plus, 40-622 / 28 x 1.50 / 700 x 38c 33oz, Part #SWL11150348, Price: $

26" - 559mm

Marathon Plus, 35-559 / 26 x 1.35, 29oz $

20" - 406mm

Marathon Plus, Smart Guard, 47-406 / 20 x 1.75, 710 grams, Part #SWL11100758 : $ 47.00

Marathon Plus, Smart Guard, 35-406 / 20 x 1.35, Part # SWL11115348. Price: $ 47.00

Marathon Supreme


Click on the image above.

The Supreme has a new tread compound from Schwalbe called "Magic". It has better grip on pavement with low rolling resistance. The very flexible sidewall also reduces rolling resistance. For some reason, Schwalbe considers a dynamo strip to be "unsightly", so they've eliminated it from the Supreme. But there's still a reflective sidewall. And the best part is perhaps the Vectran fabric used for puncture resistance. It's extremely tough, with a very tight weave, making penetration of the casing very difficult for glass and nails.

700c - 622mm

Marathon Supreme, 50-622 / 28 x 2.0 / 700 x 50c 690gr Foldable Bead: $

Marathon Supreme, 42-622 / 28 x 1 5/8 / 700 x 40c 525gr Foldable Bead: $

Marathon Supreme, 37-622 / 28 x 1 3/8 / 700 x 35c 460gr Foldable Bead: $

Marathon Supreme, 32-622 / 28 x 1 1/4 / 700 x 32c 430gr Foldable Bead: $

26" - 559mm

Marathon Supreme, 50-559 / 26 x 2.00 595gr, Foldable: $

Marathon Dureme

Click the Image Above.

The Marathon Dureme is the perfect expedition tire. The smooth center tread blocks keep the rolling resistance low on pavement while the aggressive side tread blocks keep the bike stable on dirt roads. The tightly woven Kevlar belt under the tread makes the XR highly puncture resistant. There's a dynamo strip and a reflective sidewall strip for added safety.

700c - 620mm

Marathon Dureme, 700x35, 37-622, 475gr, Foldable: $ 89.55

Marathon Dureme, 700x40, 42-622, 550gr, Foldable: $

Marathon Dureme, 700x50, 50-622, 645gr, Foldable: $ 89.55

26" - 559mm

Marathon Dureme, 50-559 / 26 x 2.0 590gr, Foldable: $

Marathon Dureme, 50-559 / 26 x 2.0 640gr, Wire Bead: $

Marathon Extreme


Click the image above for a larger image.

This is a fast tire for rough dirt roads, expedition touring, fast and aggressive singletrack mountain bike riding.

700c - 620mm

Marathon Extreme, 700x35, 490gr, Foldable: $ 89.82

Marathon Extreme, 700x42, 525gr, Foldable: $ 90.35

26" - 559mm

Marathon Extreme, 26x2.0, 570gr, Foldable: $ 89.55


Marathon Plus ATB

Click the image for a larger picture.

This tire is the same as the Marathon Plus above, but with a more aggressive side tread for dirt roads and trail riding. You'll get the same puncture protection due to the SmartGuard layer under the tread. On pavement, the wider center tread blocks of the Marathon Plus (above) will give a little better feeling of stability. But on dirt, this tire should corner better, particularly when the surface is wet. If you end up riding these mostly on pavement, expect to get less tread life than you would if you were using the Marathon Plus instead. So think about how you'll be doing most of your riding. If it's mostly pavement, get the Marathon Plus. If it's mostly dirt roads, get these, provided the size is suitable.

Please be aware that these tires are among the most difficult to mount that I have ever used, but not for the usual reason. Some tire and rim combinations are difficult to mount because the tire is relatively small and the rim is relatively large, making the bead a very tight fit on the rim. That is not the issue with these tires. You shouldn't need tire irons to mount these. With the Marathon Plus, the tire is difficult to mount because the thick blue layer is very stiff, making it difficult to get the tire's bead within the sidewalls of the rim. You push it in at the valve, then try to push it in a few inches one way or the other, and it pops out back at the valve. You need a strong grip to mount these tires. If you don't have a strong grip, you should probably get a different tire. However, once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to mount them, perhaps taking an extra minute or two compared with most other tires. Until you get the hang of it, mounting these tires can be a frustrating experience. But once you get them on, you'll most likely not have to take them off before they have worn through the outer tread.

These have the same reflective sidewalls and dynamo strip as the Marathon plus. This model is only made in these two sizes below.

700c - 622mm

Marathon Plus ATB, 42-622 / 700 x 40c 970gr, Wire Bead: $ 58.20

Marathon Plus MTB


This tire replaces the 26" Marathon Plus ATB. The tread design is new, but the puncture resistance is the same. So it should have a bit better grip on wet dirt surfaces than the older model, and a bit higher rolling resistance when on pavement than the older model. So it's better suited as a true mountain bike tire.

Peter's recommended maximum pressure: 47-559 50psi, 54-559 45psi

Marathon Plus MTB, 47-559 / 26 x 1.75 980gr, Wire Bead: $ 58.20



Click the image above.

The Kojak has a slick tread and Raceguard belt for puncture resistance. No dynamo strip or reflective sidewall. This is replacing the Marathon Slick, which has been discontinued.

700c - 622mm

Kojak, 37-622 / 700 x 35c 330gr, RaceGuard, Foldable Bead: $

26" - 559mm

Kojak, 50-559 / 26 x 2.0 570gr, Wire Bead $

Kojak, 35-559 / 26 x 1.35 395gr, Wire Bead $ 37.92

Kojak, 35-559 / 26 x 1.35 295gr, Foldable Kevlar Bead $


Click the Image Above.

Oh. So, you mean you want a really fast tire? Something light, skinny, really low rolling resistance, good puncture resistance, sort of a "damn the torpedos, full speed ahead" sort of thing? Yeah, we have those too. Unlike the other Schwalbe tires, the Stelvio doesn't have the reflective sidewall strip. Nor does it have the dynamo strip. You'll want a dynohub to have good lights with this tire. These have a very strong and flexible sidewall for low rolling resistance. All Black. The image above shows several colors. We sell only black. If colored tires were safer, faster, less likely to flat, or less expensive, I'd stock them. 'nuff said.

This is a real racing tire that real racers use in actual races. Shocking but true!

The Schwalbe website lists quite a few tires called Stelvio. The model we stock is Stelvio HS 350 and 376. The 350 has a slick center with a diamond pattern to each side. The 376 has a full slick tread. The 376 has replaced the 350 in most of the 700c sizes. Click on the image above to see a larger image which clearly shows the tread of the 350.

700c - 622mm

Stelvio HS 376, Wire Bead, 700x25, 335 grams, 25-622: $

Stelvio HS 376, Wire Bead, 700x28, 350 grams, 28-622: $

Stelvio HS 350, Folding Kevlar Bead, 215 grams, 700x20: $

Stelvio HS 376, Folding Kevlar Bead, 235 grams, 700x23: $

Stelvio HS 376, Folding Kevlar Bead, 255 grams, 700x25: $


650c - 571mm

Stelvio Folding Kevlar Bead, 23-571, 215 grams, 650x23: $

20" - 406mm

Stelvio Folding Kevlar Bead, 28-406, 180 grams, 20 x 1-1/8": $

Stelvio Plus

Click the image for a larger illustration.

The Stelvio Plus has the same Smartguard belt under the tread as is used in the Marathon Plus, just not as thick. So you get a very fast racing tire with extremely high puncture protection. The tire is heavier, and the rolling resistance is a bit higher than with the Stelvio; nothing comes without a price. But for those occasions when a flat is more likely, you'll get from point A to point B faster if you don't have to stop to fix a flat. If you're getting lots of punctures from thorns, glass shards and metal bits, this might be the best tire for you. No dynamo strip and no reflective sidewall. These are only available as foldable tires.

700c - 622mm

700x23: 340 grams, our part # SWL11646248: Foldable Bead: $ 57.38

700x25: 380 grams, our part # SWL11646348: Foldable Bead: $



Click the image above.

The Ultremo is Schwalbe's top of the line racing clincher tire. It has a tread with three different compounds in it for extra grip on the sides without excessive tread wear in the center. Only made in one size, for now. Foldable Bead, of course.

700x23: 195 grams, our part # SWL11646930: $ 45.00 each

Stelvio Tubular

Click the image for a larger illustration.

Stelvio Tubulars are made much like the Stelvio clincher tires above. Tubulars have the inherent advantage of being more difficult to pinch flat than clinchers, due to the increased effective height of the tire. These road tubulars have the same puncture resistant Smartguard strip under the tread as in the Stelvio Plus, the only difference being that in the tubular, it's thinner. So it only adds a tiny bit of weight and has virtually no effect on rolling resistance. But it does significantly reduce punctures. The inner tube is directly vulcanized inside the casing and the casing is exceptionally round and free of lumps giving a very smooth ride. Any minor punctures that may occur can be fixed with liquid sealants readily available. We carry a product from Velox, but there are many others. You unthread the valve to apply the sealant to the inside of the tire.

While I haven't yet had the chance to ride these tubulars myself, they've got a very good reputation, and from my close inspection of them, and given my considerable experience using tubulars for over 30 years, I can say with confidence that these are very high quality tires. Frankly, I'd like them better if they had traditional tan sidewalls, but that's only a cosmetic issue, and when I'm riding, I spend very little time looking at my tires. ;-)

I'm very impressed by how round these tires are. Schwalbe has done a great job making these tires with consistent width so that they'll roll smoothly down the road. And the casing is made to match the curvature of the rim. Many other sub $100 tires lay flat when they're uninflated, and that causes them to roll easily while you're mounting them. Not so with these. They are very easy to center on the rims, AND for most people they should require no pre-stretching before you glue them up.

As with any tubular, put it onto a clean rim before you apply glue, just so you can get a feel for how tight they are on the rim. Then you'll know how much force you'll need to apply to the tire when you're stretching it onto the rim with glue. If you want them a bit looser, go ahead and leave them inflated on the clean rim for a few days. If you don't, it's no big deal. The worst thing that's likely to happen is you'll get some glue on the sidewalls of the rim and perhaps the tire as you fuss with it. If you know beforehand how tight the tire is, you'll have an easier time of it once the glue has been applied. If you've struggled to mount tubulars before, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with these.

700x19: 180 grams, all black, our part # SWL10100500: $ 90.00

Inflated on a rim, this tire measures 19mm wide.

700x22: 240 grams, all black, our part # SWL10100510: $

Inflated on a rim, this tire measures 21.5mm wide.

700x25: 280 grams, all black, our part # SWL10100520: $ 90.00

Inflated on a rim, this tire measures 24.5mm wide.

These tires must not be used with a sidewall dynamo. They also do not have reflective sidewalls. They are for racing.

Schwalbe also makes great tires for winter riding. In winter, if you live far enough north that the roads or trails get icy, you'll want carbide studs in your tire treads, just like those used in automobile tires, to help prevent skidding and crashes. Studded tires won't work miracles, but they will give you much better traction on ice than any non-studded tire, so you'll be able to climb hills, corner and brake with far more confidence. They really do make a big difference. There are many brands of bicycle tires with studs. But Schwalbe is only one of two companies using carbide studs. All others use steel, which wear out quickly. Steel studs are not as hard as concrete or phphalt, so when the roads are clear of ice and the studs directly contact the pavement, they wear down. Carbide, on the other hand, is harder than stone, concrete or phphalt, so it lasts a long time. I have lots of information about studded tires on my studded tire page.

Schwalbe Marathon Winter

Please click here to go to my studded tire page. Towards the top are Nokian studded tires. Scroll down for the Schwalbe studded tires.

Schwalbe Ice Spiker

Click the image for a larger illustration.

The Ice Spiker is an aggressive off road tire for single track riding in snow and ice. You'll get excellent traction in most conditions. If these won't work, nothing else will either, so get out your cross country skis! Available in one size only, 26x 2.10. Weight is 980 grams with 304 carbide studs. The studs are placed in the center as well as the sides of the tread for great grip climbing, braking and cornering. Kevlar belted for puncture protection. Rolling resistance will be quite high if you need to use these on clear smooth pavement, so unless your commute follows the Appalachian Trail from Crawford Notch to Pinkham Notch, you might want to think about a different tire. But if you want to have fun in the woods on your bike, this is your tire. Not a foldable tire. Our part number SWL11132801.

Price: $ 100.00

Since these tires are for offroad riding, they have no reflective sidewalls and no dynamo strips.

Cyclo Cross

Racing Ralph

Click the image for a larger picture of the tire.

The Racing Ralph has a very light and flexible sidewall with small tread blocks for cyclo cross racing. No dynamo strip, or reflective sidewall, of course. These are for racing. 700x35 only. Foldable aramid bead, of course.

700c 35-622, 340 grams: $ 82.38

Inner Tubes

I stock many sizes of Schwalbe inner tubes. For now, call for pricing and available sizes. I'll get them listed on this page as soon as time permits. But for now, just go to my inner tubes page.



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