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SmartWool Clothing

We discovered SmartWool a couple of years ago. Previously, we'd been using polypropylene underwear for cold weather cycling and cross country skiing, and putting up with the bad odors by the end of the day. 25 years ago the best long underwear for cold weather sports was wool. But it would shrink if you weren't careful while washing it. And some folks are alergic to wool. So when polypro came out in the late seventies most people switched to it from wool, and pretty soon you couldn't find good wool underwear. But them days is over baby!

This page is in progress. There's lots more that I have in stock, including women's tops and bottoms. I just haven't gotten it listed yet.


It can get pretty chilly under that helmet when the temperature drops. A wool headliner can make all the difference.

SmartWool headliner; Black, one size fits all: $

For cross country skiing, or whatever, a knit cap can be a stylish accent to any winter wardrobe. Oh, God! Listen to me!

SmartWool Beanie; Black, Natural White, Steel Blue, or Purple, one size: $


When it's really cold, only a balaclava will do. Now you can get one in wool.

SmartWool Balaclava: Black, one size: $ 17.00



Small size only in stock.

They call this a walking sock. But it's the best athletic sock I've ever used. There's a stretchy band around the arch that somehow makes your feet feel terrific all day. Natural White$

Same sock, different color; Oatmeal. No, you can't eat it. Well, I suppose you could but...



Men's Crew Tops

Same 6.8oz SmartWool fabric, just in a crew neck.
Men's Traditional long sleeve crew Steel Blue. $

Men's Bottoms

This men's tight works well under a pair of lycra tights for those days under 40 degrees. Or, wear them under SportHill XC pants when the temp drops into the single digits. No fly.
Men's Traditional Relaxed Tight, 6.8oz SmartWool fabric, Natural White. $

The same tight in Black or Navy. $

Men's Sizing Chart in Inches

X Large
XX Large
How To Measure
Chest 36-38 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 Slightly below underarm, around the fullest part of chest and back circumference
Sleeve 30-31 32-33 34-35 36-36.5 37-37.5 From the middle of back of neck to wrist - elbow slightly bent
Waist 29-30 31-33 34-36 37-39.5 40-43 Wherever you like to where your pants - loosely around the circumference of that area
Inseam N/A 31-32 33-34 35 35 Take a pant you like the length - from the crotch seam to bottom of leg

Women's Sizing Chart in Inches

Size X Small Small Medium Large How to Measure
USA Size 2-4 5-6 8-10 12-14 For body type preference
Bra Size 30-32 32 34 36-38 What you buy at the store
Chest 30 32-34 35-38 39-40 Slightly below underarm, around the fullest part of the chest and back circumference
Sleeve 29 30 30.5-31.5 32-35 From the middle of back of neck to wrist - elbow slightly bent
Waist 24-25 26-27 28-30 31-34 Wherever you like to wear your pants - loosely around the circumference of that area
Hip 34 36-37 38-39 41-43 Feet together - around fullest part of hip circumference
Inseam 27-28 29-30 30.5-31.5 32-33 Take a pant you like the length - from the crotch seam to bottom of leg

I should have women's clothing listed in a few days.

For more winter clothing see my SportHill page.

Also, see my Studded Tires page.


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