TA Bottom Brackets

TA Carmina cranks have ISO tapers, and so require bottom brackets with ISO tapers. TA makes the Axix bottom brackets as the perfect match for their Carmina, Carmina Compact and Vega cranksets. The Axis uses industry standard sealed cartridge bearings. The retaining cups each have an additional lip seals to keep water away from the bearing seals. Should a bearing ever need replacement, they are a simple press fit to the axle.

These precision made bottom brackets require that the frame's bottom bracket shell be properly faced with high quality tools made specifically for that purpose. In my shop I use Campagnolo, but there are others available. Any good bike shop will have suitable tools.


Axix Light


Current version with fixed right cup. Compatible with 72mm wide BB shells with use of 2.5mm spacer on each side between the bearing and the cup.
TABO-AL103 TA Axix Light BSC ISO 103mm $161.00
TABO-AL107 TA Axix Light BSC ISO 107mm $161.00
TABO-AL110 TA Axix Light BSC ISO 110mm $155.00
TABO-AL116 TA Axix Light BSC ISO 116mm $161.00
TABO-AL119 TA Axix Light BSC ISO 119mm $161.00
TA Axix Light, both cups adjustable
Older version with adjustable cups on both sides.
TABBAXIX113 TA Axix Light BSC thread ISO 113mm, both cups adjustable $150.00
TABBAXIX122 TA Axix Light BSC thread ISO 122mm, both cups adjustable $161.00
TABBAXIX125 TA Axix Light BSC thread ISO 125mm, both cups adjustable $155.00
TABBAI116 TA Axix Light Italian thread ISO 116mm, both cups adjustable $155.00
TABBAI119 TA Axix Light Italian thread ISO 119mm, both cups adjustable $155.00
TABBAI125 TA Axix Light Italian thread ISO 125mm, both cups adjustable $155.00
TA Axix Light Pro
Axix Light Pro has a titanium axle instead of steel to save weight. These are the older version with adjustable cups on both sides.
TABBAXIXPI103 TA Axix Light Pro Italian thread ISO 103mm titanium axle $134.00
TABBAXIXTI113 TA Axix Light Pro BSC thread ISO 113mm titanium axle $165.00
TA Lock Ring Spanner

All Axix bottom brackets use an aluminum lock ring to save weight. The lock rings have 6 notches for the lock ring spanner to engage. Older steel lock rings can be engaged with just one notch, so older lock ring spanners typically have one hook to engage a notch. But the aluminum lock ring must have all of the notches engaged in order to prevent damage to the aluminum, which of course is softer than steel. So you must use the TA lock ring spanner with the Axix bottom bracket.

If a ham fisted mechanic decides to use a standard spanner and damages the lock ring, don't despair, I stock spares. See below.

TAOU-BO01 TA BB Lockring Spanner $24.00
TA Spare Parts

Replacement lock rings for the right cup of the older Axix BB with both cups adjustable are no longer available. If you should damage the right side lock ring, which has a left hand thread, you'll need to replace the right cup with the newer fixed type, which is fully compatible with the axle.

TABO-0031 TA BSC Lockring (right-hand thread for left side adjustable cup) $23.00
TABO-00212 TA BSC left side adjustable cup (with water seal) $34.00
TABO-00211 TA BSC right side fixed cup (with water seal) $49.00
TAAXSEAL TA water seal for all Axix cups $9.00

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