700c Touring & Tandem Rims

Model Description Weight Width Tire Width Spokes
Velocity Dyad Very tough shallow V section rim. Suitable for touring and tandems. Available in silver or black finish. Milled sidewalls for smooth braking action. My favorite touring rim. Best combination of durability and price. 480 gr 24mm 28mm - 60mm 32,36,40,48
$ 106.00
Velocity Chukker, Black Finish

My absolute strongest touring rim. Same width as the Dyad, but a deeper V section, making this rim extremely stiff. With 40 spokes a wheel is stronger than with a Dyad rim having 48 spokes.

Machined sidewalls

650gr 24mm 28-60mm 32, 36, 40, 48
$ 116.00
Velocity Chukker, Bright Silver Finish Same as above but with Velocity's Bright Silver finish, and more expensive. Machined Sidewalls. 650gr 24mm 28-60mm 32, 36, 40, 48 $ 116.00
Velocity Chukker, Bronze Finish Same as above but with Velocity's Bronze finish, less expensive. Does not have machined Sidewalls. Use on bikes with disc brakes. Not available with 40 hole drilling. 650gr 24mm 28-60mm 32, 36, 48 $
Mavic A719 black Heavy duty touring rim. Milled sidewalls. Rim is black anodized before the sidewalls are milled, leaving the braking surface non-anodized. 560 gr 24mm 28-47mm 32,36, 40
Mavic A 319 Mavic's heaviest touring rim. Suitable for touring and tandems. Available in silver or black finish. Milled sidewalls. Not available in 40 or 48 hole. 597 gr 24mm 28-60mm 32, 36

Silver, $

Black, $

Mavic Open Sport Heavier replacement for the MA-3. Machined sidewalls. A good, light touring rim. This is my favorite rim for mounting the largest tires possible on racing frames. Good choice if you can fit Rolly Polly tires on your brevet bike and want a really tough rim that's not too wide. 490 gr 20mm 23-2832 32,36

Silver, $

Black, $

Sun CR-18 My least expensive touring rim. Parallel brushed sidewalls and single eyelets. Suitable for tandems. Braking action not as smooth as Velocity or Mavic. Very tough, durable rim. 470 gr 22.5 25-35mm 36,48
Sun Rhyno Light A very wide rim for big tires and heavy loads. 565 gr 27.5mm 35-47mm 40



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