Tout Terrain Mule

As I write this in May 23, 2023, we have 12 Mule trailers on order, and expected here in Late July to mid August.

The price for the Mule trailer is $1,130.00. We are taking deposits now. You'll pay a deposit of $400.00, and the balance when we ship the trailer to you, or you pick it up here in Hillsborough. Be aware that the clamp and shim to attach the Mule trailer to your bike are sold separately.


If you have an older Singletrailer with a 20" wheel, there is an optional fender for the wheel. If you never ride in the rain or through a mud puddle, you won't need it. But if you just can't resist the mud...

Fender for the Mule, Part # TOU704-005-001, Price: $ 88.00

The Mule

The Mule

Can your trailer do this?

The Mule is a wonderful trailer for off road touring. Designed to carry up to 35kg - 77lbs of stuff, even over rough terrain. 160mm of suspension travel makes it easy to pull your stuff over just about anything a sane person would ride a bike over.

Mule suspension

The rear suspension has two positions. Shown here, it's set up for riding smooth roads. But notice the forward position for mounting the bottom of the shock? Move the shock there and the the Mule is raised up for rough trail riding.


Here the suspension is set for smooth dirt or paved roads.


And here it's set for rough trails, or, the paved roads with frost heaves here in Hillsborough. ;-)

Tout Terrain The Mule, Part # TOUMLT, Price: $ 825.00

As of April 10, 2023 we have a shipment of Mule trailers scheduled to arrive in late August or early September, 2023.

At this time we do not know the final price for the Mule Trailers. This is my best guess for what the final price will be. But I do not yet have a quote for shipping from Germany, so I really don't know what the price will be. I doubt it would be more than $1,100.00. I should know the shipping cost by the middle of July, and at that point I can set the actual price.

The Liner


The Liner is an optional accessory that attaches to The Mule with heavy velcro straps.


The liner installed. The bottom of the liner is padded, to help protect your stuff.


In a forward pouch you'll find the rain cover.

rain cover

To make the photos more exciting, I just grabbed some cushions from the living room sofa. Linda wasn't pleased. Here the cover is draped over the cushions. Pretty exciting, eh? Perhaps not. But it sure is bright!

rain cover

And here the rain cover is secured to The Mule with its heavy velcro straps.

The Liner is not included with The Mule, it is sold separately.

You can get the Liner with a stand to keep The Mule level when not attached to your bike and a fender for the wheel. It's called the "Accessory Kit for Mule". See below.

Tout Terrain trailers are now priced without the Seatpost Clamp. This is because there are so many seatpost sizes. So don't forget to include the cost of the Seatpost Clamp. The Seatpost Clamp itself is made in two sizes, and accepts several sizes of shims to fit a variety of seatpost diameters.

The Mule

The Mule, without Seatpost Clamp and Shim, Part # TOUMLT, Price: $ 825.00

Seatpost Clamps & Shims

There are two clamp sizes, 30mm and 35mm. For the 30mm clamp, there are three shim sizes; 26.8mm, 27.0mm, and 27.2mm. For the 35mm clamp, there are another three shim sizes; 30.9mm, 31.4mm and 31.6mm.

Seatpost Clamp for Mule or Singletrailer, 30mm clamp, Part # TOUSTPCL300, Price: $ 49.00

Seatpost Clamp for Mule or Singletrailer, 35mm clamp, Part # TOUSTPCL350, Price: $ 49.00

If you have two bikes, you can buy a second Seatpost Clamp & Shim and leave it on the second bike. See below for the shim prices and part numbers.

Shims for the Seatpost Clamp

These three shims all fit the 30mm clamp.

Shim for 26.8mm seatpost, Part # TOUSTPSHM26.8, Price: $ 15.00
Shim for 27.0mm seatpost, Part # TOUSTPSHM27.0, Price: $ 15.00
Shim for 27.2mm seatpost, Part # TOUSTPSHM27.2, Price: $ 15.00

These three shims all fit the 35mm clamp.

Shim for 30.9mm seatpost, Part # TOUSTPSHM30.9, Price: $ 15.00
Shim for 31.4mm seatpost, Part # TOUSTPSHM31.4, Price: $ 15.00
Shim for 31.6mm seatpost, Part # TOUSTPSHM31.6, Price: $ 15.00


The Liner, Part # TOUMLINER, Price: $

The Stand, Part # TOU0701009000, Price: $ 75.00

Fender for Mule or Singletrailer, Part # TOU704-005-001, Price: $ 88.00

Accessory Kit for Mule - The Liner, stand and fender, Part # TOU704-004-000, Price: $ 225.00



Almost all products on the Tout Terrain website which we don't keep in stock can also be ordered.

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