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I'm currently (July, 2021) updating this page after years of neglect. Much of the info here is out of date.

As of November, 2021, we no longer have any 32 hole Aerohead rims. They haven't been made for a few years. And there will be no more. We do have 28 hole and 36 hole.

This page describes the various Velocity rims that I sell. Most of the rims listed here have machined sidewalls. The machined sidewalls make for very smooth braking, since it ensures that the braking surface is smooth, and that the rim's width is perfectly consistent. For track riding, or bikes with disc brakes, we also have many models without the machined sidewalls. We also have quite a few rims designed only for use with disc brakes. Most Velocity rims don't have eyelets for the spoke nipples. The "V" profile makes the rims quite stiff, making the eyelet unnecessary. Without eyelets, it takes a bit longer to lace up a wheel, but that's my problem, not yours. The reason it takes longer is that sometimes when I'm feeding the nipples through the rim to thread onto the spoke, it slips and falls within the rim itself. I just say @%#!?&*, shake the nipple out, and continue lacing the wheel. Linda pretends not to hear anything. The final wheel is as good as it would be with an eyelet, so fear not.

I not only build wheels for my own customers; I also build them for other bicycle shops, and for some manufacturers. If you have a bike shop, and don't have a wheelbuilder in-house, give me a call for pricing on built wheels with Wheelsmith or Sapim spokes, Velocity rims, and Velocity, Schmidt SON and Rohloff hubs. All wheels are built from scratch right here in my shop. There's no such thing as a wheel I sell, that I either haven't built myself, or haven't done a full quality control check on. I now sell more wheels than I could possibly build myself. My assistant, Bob builds many of our wheels, and then hands them off to me for the final tension check, correction if necessary, and thorough stress relieving. The final product is the same as if I had built it from the ground up. And if you have a shop and just want to buy Velocity rims, that's fine, we can offer you wholesale pricing on Velocity rims as well as built wheels using Velocity rims. We are a Velocity USA distributor.

I list the ERD dimension for all Velocity rims I sell. The ERD is used to calculate spoke lengths for wheelbuilding. If you want to build your own wheels, we can supply you with Wheelsmith or Sapim spokes and a variety of hubs from Schmidt, Shimano, Campagnolo, Phil Wood, White Industries, Chris King, Suzue, Miche, and Surly.

The rims are categorized by size. Some models are available in several sizes, so there's some repetition as you scroll down the page from larger to smaller rim diameters.

The price listed for a rim is for a rim. It's not for a pair of rims, a bushel of rims, a gaggle of rims, a batch of rims, a bundle of rims or a caboodle of rims. Please contact us via carrier pigeon to receive caboodle rim pricing.

Speaking of pricing, we are discontinuing most colored versions of the Deep V rims. So the prices are now quite low. (July 2021) The prices are only for those rims we have in stock. once they are gone we will no longer be selling them.

Special Orders?

I probably keep more rims in stock than any other bike shop in the US, between 900 and 1200 at any given time. I do this so that I'll have the rim you need when you need it. There are other rims available from Velocity and other makers. But I do not special order rims. If you don't see the specific size, drilling and color listed here, I'm sorry but I don't sell it.

Velocity used to sell 305mm - 16" rims, but as of 2011, they no longer make them.

Aerohead: 700c, 650c, 24" 520mm

Aerohead O/C: 700c, 650c

Fusion: 700c, 650c 571mm, 26" 559mm, 20" 406mm

Deep V: 700c, 650c, 26" 559mm Huge assortment of painted colors in 700c!

Chukker: 700c & 26" 559mm

Aero: 20" 451mm

Synergy: 700c, 650b: 26" 559mm, 20" 451mm

Dyad: 700c (Same extrusion as Aeroheat)

Aeroheat: 26" 559mm, 20" 406mm, 16" 349mm

Cliffhanger: 26" 559mm

Escape: 700c Tubular only

P35: Disc Specific for 700c-622 (29er) and 26" 559mm

VXC: Disc specific for 622-700c and 559-26" (in stock but no listing yet)

Blunt: Heavy duty disc specific for 700c (in stock but no listing yet)


700c 622mm BSD Rims



The Aerohead is a lightweight racing rim ideal for tires from 20mm wide up to 28mm wide. With wider tires, caliper brakes won't open up enough with the quick release to remove the wheel without deflating the tire. But of course you can still use wider tires.

I stock the Aerohead 700c in silver, grey and black finish. I keep 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings on hand in all three finishes, and in black I also stock 24 hole. 28 and 24 hole drillings are also available, usually within one week.


Aerohead 700c 20mm width, 405 grams, ERD: 602mm
$ 78.99

Aerohead OC

Most rear wheels have asymmetrical flanges to make space for the gears. The right side flange is closer to the center of the wheel than the left side flange. That means the right side spokes are a bit shorter, and are at higher tension, than the left side spokes. This is also called dishing. Some hubs are more asymmetrical than others. For instance, Campagnolo 8, 9, and 10 speed hubs are more asymmetrical than comparable Shimano hubs. By using an asymmetrical rim for the rear wheel, I can reduce the difference in spoke tension that would otherwise exist on a rear wheel. This makes for a more stable rear wheel.

OC stands for Off Center. I stock the Aerohead OC in all three finishes; silver, grey, and black, just like the Aerohead. And I keep 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings in stock for all three finishes, and 24 in black. The OC rim is a big advantage when built on a high dish rear hub like the current Campagnolo hubs, but less of an issue on Shimano hubs. But if you're having a set of Shimano wheels built and want the Aerohead it's silly not to use the OC version in back. It only costs $1 more, and gives you a wheel that's close to ZERO dish!


Aerohead OC 20mm width, 400 grams, ERD: 598

Deep V

The Deep V is a very stiff rim. While time trialists like it for the improved aerodynamics, I like it for the increased stiffness, which makes it suitable for heavier riders, and for reduced spoke count wheels. For instance, where I would not be comfortable recommending a 28 spoke Aerohead wheelset to a 200 lb rider, the Deep V works fine with 28 spokes.

Building wheels with deep v section rims takes longer than with traditionally shaped rims. For that reason I charge an additional $5 to build wheels with the Deep V Velocity rims.

I stock the 700c Deep V in 28, 32, 36, and 40 hole drillings in the Grey finish. I also stock it in 32, 36 and 40 hole drilling in the black finish. I also have many colors available in 32 hole and 36 hole, with, and without the machined sidewalls.

I stock, Electric Red, Lemon Yellow, Eggplant Purple, Bright Gold, Lime Green, Ti Grey, Chocolate Brown, Bright Silver, Electric Blue, Tangerine Orange and last but not least, White. Most of these colors are available in both machined and non machined sidewalls. The Bright Silver are only available Non Machined.

The two "Bright" colors, "Bright Gold" and "Bright Silver" cost more than the other colors. And machined sidewalls are a bit more expensive than non-machined sidewalls.

The Deep V is also a terrific tandem rim for those who want to use relatively narrow tires; up to 28mm works great, and some folks even use 32mm on them.

Specifications: 19mm width, 520 grams, ERD: 582mm


The rim on the right is painted Egglant Purple. So is the rim on the left, but it has had the paint and an extremely thin layer of metal machined off the braking surface. This results in a very smooth surface for the brakes providing good control and no thumping of the brakes with each revolution of the wheel. Also, brake pads don't work well on a painted surface. Brakes will work well on an anodized surface, so you can use the non-machined anodized rims with caliper brakes. But your brakes will work better with the machined sidewalls. The important thing is to never use a rim brake on a non-machined rim that has a painted finish. Anodized is fine. Painted is not ok. So if you're choosing a painted finish and you'll be using rim brakes, be sure to order a machined sidewall rim.

FYI: Velocity has discontinued Eggplant Purple. We can't get any more, and we have none in stock.


Deep V 700c Non-Machined sidewalls, most colors
$ 65.00
Deep V 700c Machined sidewalls, most colors
$ 96.00
Deep V 700c Non-Machined sidewalls, Bright Gold & Bright Silver
Deep V 700c Machined sidewalls, Bright Gold


The Fusion is a narrow racing rim. It's about half way between the Aerohead and the Deep V in depth, and the same width as the Aerohead and 700c Deep V. These are only made in Black and all have machined sidewalls for smooth and effective braking. I stock 28, 32 and 36 hole in 700c. I also have them in 26" 559mm and 20" 406mm for mountain bikes and recumbents. A pair of these, 20" in front and 26" in back makes a wonderfully light and fast set of wheels for many recumbent bicycles. We have very light and fast tires from Schwalbe for just this purpose.

Fusion 700c 19mm width, 465 grams, ERD: 591
$ 94.00


The Dyad is a very tough rim for loaded touring, commuting, 29" mountain bikes, and tandems. We never see them developing cracks and they have no eyelets that can loosen. The V shape eliminates the need for reinforcing eyelets at the spoke holes. Now that Mavic no longer makes a 48 spoke rim, the Dyad is the only option in a high quality tandem wheel for loaded touring. Without the double eyelets, the Dyad rim takes a minute or two longer to lace up, but the end result is still an extremely strong, durable, round and true wheel. I'm using these rims on my new Atlantis touring bike.

I stock the Dyad in 32, 36, 40, and 48 hole drillings in both silver and black finish. They all have machined sidewalls for smooth braking action. The Dyad uses the same extrusion as the Aeroheat. So if you're looking for a 26" or 20" or even a 16" rim and see the Aeroheat listed below, that's the same rim as this Dyad, just in a smaller size.


Dyad 24mm width, 480 grams, ERD: 596mm
$ 88.00


The Synergy is ideal for light to moderately loaded touring, tires from 25mm through 35mm. When you're building up a bike for comfort, this is the ideal rim. It's idea because the width allows for using larger tires than the typical racing rim, but you can still put narrow (25mm) tires on it if you wish. And the Synergy rim is relatively light weight. The symmetrical version you see here is for front wheels and zero dish rear hubs like any flip-flop single speed hub, or the Rohloff. For rear external multi-speed hubs, see below for the Synergy O/C.

I stock the Synergy in 32 hole and 36 hole. Both have machined sidewalls for super smooth braking action. They all have a polished aluminum finish, no colors. This classically styled rim is perfect for any classic bike. So you can have a rim that looks great on a 60s or 70s vintage bike, but has a modern box construction for more strength than any rim from that period. Also available in 650B size. See below.

Synergy 23mm width, 486gr, 605mm ERD, machined sidewalls

Synergy O/C

The Synergy O/C has the spoke holes offset to reduce the dish, the difference in spoke tension you normally get between the right side and left side spokes of a multi-speed rear wheel. A typical rear hub, like a Ultegra or Shimano XT, has the spoke flanges offset to the left to make space for the 8, 9 or 10 cassette cogs. The Synergy O/C rim places the spoke holes off to the left side (opposite of what you see in the image) to balance the spoke tension. This results in a wheel that is much stronger than it would otherwise be. So there's less chance of cracking a rim or having a spoke break. The finish is the same as the symmetrical Synergy rim above, as is the weight and ERD for spoke length calculations. While the image above shows the Synergy O/C in red, I don't stock it in red, only silver.

I stock the Synergy O/C in 32 hole and 36 hole. Both have machined sidewalls for super smooth braking action. They all have a polished aluminum finish, no colors. This classically styled rim is perfect for any classic bike. So you can have a rim that looks great on a 60s or 70s vintage bike, but has a modern box construction and offset spoke holes for more strength than any rim from that period. Also available in 650b (not to be confused with 650c) size. See below.

Synergy O/C 23mm width, 486gr, 605mm ERD, machined sidewalls


The Chukker is the same shape as the old 26" Deep V, which was always wider than the 700c and 650c Deep V. The Chukker is also a fair bit heavier than the 700c Deep V. Normally, this rim is available in 32, 36 and 48 hole drilling. But we have asked Velocity to make these for us in 40 hole as well. Many tandem teams, which would ordinarily need 48 spoke wheels for loaded touring or just high team weight can use the Chukkers with only 40 spokes, or even 36. This helps keep costs down, since if you need 48 spokes, the only really rugged cassette hub with 48 hole drilling is the Phil Wood. The less expensive White Industries tandem hubs are made with 36 and 40 hole drillings, and now they can be used for super heavy duty tandem use. The Chukker with 40 spokes should be stronger than a Dyad with 48 spokes. And with 48 spokes, the Chukker makes the strongest wheel I've ever seen.

The reason the Chukker can be used with fewer spokes than a Dyad is the increased stiffness of the tall "V" shaped extrusion. The taller the rim's Vshaped box section, the stiffer it is. The stiffer the rim, the fewer spokes you need since each spoke is subjected to smaller changes in spoke tension with each rotation of the wheel.

So if you've been having trouble with 40 spoke stock tandem wheels (cracking rims, breaking spokes) the Chukker should solve those problems.

Chukker 24mm width, 650gr, 580mm ERD, Non-Machined Sidewalls $
Chukker 24mm width, 650gr, 580mm ERD, Machined Sidewalls $


650C 571mm BSD Rims


Aerohead 650c

The Aerohead in 650c is the same as in 700c, only a bit smaller. I have the symmetrical version in black only, and in 28 or 32 hole drilling.


Aerohead 650c 20mm width, 390 grams, ERD 554mm

Aerohead OC 650c

The Aerohead OC in 650c is the same as in 700c, only a bit smaller in diameter. The 650c OC version is only made in Black finish, and only in 28 hole. I keep several in stock.

Aerohead OC 650c 20mm width, 385 grams, ERD: 550mm

Fusion 650c

The Fusion in 650c is the same as in 700c, only a bit smaller in diameter. The 650c OC version is only available in Black finish, and only in 24, 28 and 32 hole. I keep several of each in stock.

Fusion 650c 20mm width, 465 grams, ERD: 541mm

650b 584mm BSD Rims


The Synergy is also available in the smaller 650b size which has become popular again with the introduction of some new bikes from Rivendell in California. I've been building wheels for these new bikes for a couple of years now. The Synergy is perfect for this application since it has classical styling in a polished aluminum finish.

The O/C version moves the spokes off to the side, reducing the effect of the offset spoke flanges on most rear hubs. This results in a stronger rear wheel. I have these in both 32 hole and 36 hole.
Synergy 650b 23mm width, ERD 566mm, plain sidewalls
$ 84.99
Synergy O/C 650b 23mm width, ERD 566mm, plain sidewalls

26" 559 BSD Rims


VXC Disc Specific rims

VXC rim

The VXC has stainless steel eyelets at the spoke holes since the surface of the rim is flat, rather than Velocity's more usual "V" section designs. You cannot use these rims if your bike has rim brakes.


I stock the VXC in black, both 32 hole and 36 hole, and in Bright Silver, 32 hole. Weight: 420 grams. ERD: 542mm Width: 23.5mm. Height: 18mm. $


Aeroheat AT

The Aeroheat AT is the same extrusion as the Dyad. I don't know why they don't just call it the Dyad, but they don't, so there. It's a fine rim for XC riding, as well as commuting and touring.

We stock the Aeroheat AT in silver finish, 32 or 36 hole drilling, with non-machined sidewalls. We also have it in a light grey, what they call Ti Grey finish in 36 hole drilling. Then we also have it in black in 32 and 36 hole. The Ti Grey and Black finish rims all have machined sidewalls, which is why they cost a bit more.


Aeroheat AT Silver 24mm width, 442 grams, ERD: 536, plain sidewalls
$ 80.00
Aeroheat AT Ti Grey 24mm width, 442 grams, ERD: 536, machined sidewalls
$ 88.00
Aeroheat AT Black 24mm width, 442 grams, ERD: 536, machined sidewalls
$ 88.00


The Cliffhanger is a wider and heavier version of the Aeroheat AT. This is an extremely tough rim.

We stock the Cliffhanger in Black only, both 32 and 36 hole. This is a very stiff rim, so you only need 36 spokes for tandems or extremely heavy touring loads. 32 spokes is usually more than enough.


Cliffhanger 28mm width, 580 grams, ERD: 531mm
$ 100.00

Deep V MTB

26" rims are inherently stronger than 700c rims. And deep v section rims are inherently stronger than traditionally shaped rims. Combine the two and you have a nearly indestructible rim. And it's so stiff you can get away with using fewer spokes than you normally would. For offroad tandeming on singletrack, I'd suggest the Cliffhanger, since it's wider.

I stock the 26" Deep V in grey only, 36 hole drilling. There's an added $5 to build a wheel with these rims, due to the extra time it takes to lace the spokes. Velocity no longer makes the 26" 559 version of the Deep, so we can't get any more. As of April 2009, we only have a few left in 32 hole grey.


Deep V MTB 24mm width, 550 grams, ERD 517mm
$ 100.00


The Fusion is a narrow racing rim. It's about half way between the Aerohead and the Deep V in depth, and the same width as the Aerohead and 700c Deep V. In 26" 559, these make a great combination with the 20" 406 size in many recumbents, the 20" size in front and the 26" 559 size in back. Match these rims with Dura Ace or Ultegra hubs and the Schwalbe Stelvio tires and you've got a very fast and lightweight recumbent wheelset. We stock the Stelvio tires in both 559 and 406 sizes. And if you've got any 26" 559 size bike and just want the lightest and fastest wheelset for it, these rims are perfect with those same Schwalbe Stelvio tires. The Stelvios have a Kevlar bead which cuts the weight and allows the tire to be folded for carryiong a spare easily.

Available in Black with machined sidewalls to match the 20" version below for recumbents. 32 hole only.

Fusion 559 19mm width, about 380 grams


The Synergy is a fine touring rim for road tires up to 35mm width. When mated with the Synergy O/C rim in back, you get a wheelset that's very tough. Silver finish 559 size, these are only made without machined sidewalls. You'll feel the joint a bit when these are new, but that often fades after a while. In black, they have machined sidewalls.

The Synergy O/C places the spoke holes off to the left (the reverse of the image) to reduce the difference in spoke tension that exists in dished rear wheels. Essentially, this means that the left side spoke tension can be much higher than it otherwise would be, resulting in a more stable rear wheel. It can also be used on front wheels with disc brakes, which also have offset spoke flanges on the hubs.

Yeah, I know, the image shows a red rim. But we only have these in silver and black, not in red.


Synergy 559 23mm width, ERD 540mm, 430 grams, plain sidewalls 32 hole
Synergy O/C 559 23mm width, ERD 540mm, 430 grams, plain sidewalls
$ 84.99

24" 520mm BSD Rims


Aerohead rim picture

Same as the Aerohead above, available in black and silver, and there is no O/C version made.

These all have machined sidewalls. I have 28 hole and 32 hole Black, 32 and 36 hole Silver in stock.


20" 451mm BSD Rims


The Aero is a narrow lightweight rim suitable for anything from loaded touring to racing. It's about as light as rim can be, but since the 451mm diameter is so inherently stiff, this rim will stand up to large touring loads. Available in 28 hole and 36 hole in both silver and black finish.

We also have the Synergy available in 451mm polished aluminum finish. See the description, above.

Aero 451 Width, 20mm, 36 hole, silver or black ERD 428mm
$ 68.99
Synergy 451  
$ 90.99

20" 406mm BSD Rims


Aeroheat AT

This is the same extrusion as the Aeroheat AT 26", and the Dyad. In 20", it's incredibly strong.

I stock this is silver and black finish, 28 hole, 32 hole and 36 hole drilling. While there's no reason to have more than 32 spokes with this rim, no matter how much weight you're carrying, we also stock it in 36 hole for those people who already have 36 hole hubs they want to rebuild on. But if you can pedal the bike, 32 spokes is plenty! The 28 hole size works with the narrow axle Schmidt SON XS hub for folding bikes like the Dahon.


Aeroheat 406 24mm width, 300 grams, ERD 383mm
$ 88.00

16" BSD 349mm Rims

Aeroheat 349

Same as the 20" version above and the Dyad in 700c

Available in black with 32 holes. Or, in silver with 28 holes. The 28 hole version is a perfect rim for the Brompton folding bike if you want to have a wheel built with a Schmidt SON dynohub. The Brompton version of that hub is only made in 28 hole.

Aeroheat 349 (16") Width 24mm, ERD 325mm, Weight 270 grams
$ 88.00


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