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I am closing out Berthoud products. We just don't have enough space to continue selling them. So once an item is out of stock, it's gone for good.

Available now, stainless steel fenders, saddlebags and handlebar bags from Gilles BERTHOUD.

The new saddles are in stock. See this page.

Stainless steel fenders are very durable. In 700c I stock three widths; 40mm and 50mm wide. Berthoud's long design provides great coverage extending further back than ESGE fenders and have an optional leather mud flap in front. In 26" and 650b we stock a 40mm wide version, as well a 50mm version for 26" and 650 size wheels. There's now also a 60mm version for 26" tires. All stainless fenders accept the optional leather mud flap. If you only ride alone, one mud flap is enough on the front fender. If you ride with others, it's best to have one on the rear fender as well.

Fenders of this type (Berthoud Stainless) ought to be a good bit wider than the tires you use. These are designed to wrap down around the sides of the tire, and the metal is rolled underneith so there's no sharp edge exposed. That further reduces the clearance between the fender and tire. So, if you're using the 40mm fender, you'll want to use tires no wider than about 25mm. The exception would be when you have a lot of space above the top of the tire, and not a lot of width. But in general you'll do better if the outside dimension of the fender is 18mm wider than the tire; that gives you about 5mm of clearance on each side of the tire. That's not the case with the carbon fiber fenders.

Also, since about 2009 Berthoud has been making a 60mm wide version of the stainless fenders. These have a flatter profile, and so they don't wrap down around the sides of the tire like the 40mm and 50mm versions do. Therefore the fender doesn't need to be so much wider than the tire. We regularly fit the 60mm fenders to 2.0" (50mm) and 2.25" tires with no trouble.

The bags are all beautifully made water-resistant cotton with leather trim. All models of bags are available in both black and grey fabric.


Stainless steel fenders are extremely durable. These are the best fenders for all weather riding over all road surfaces. No, they won't and can't last forever, as the constant flexing and vibration will eventually cause any fender to crack and fail. But these seem to last longer than any others. You can mount taillights with confidence. 700c available in 40mm and 50mm widths. 26" in 40mm width, and 650 in 40mm and 50mm width. The struts are aluminum. Additional hardware can be purchased for spares. These fenders are designed for French touring bikes, which typically have a seat stay bridge with a threaded hole facing down. You drill a hole in the fender at the seat stay bridge and bolt the fender directly to the bridge. The same is done at the chainstay bridge. If your frame doesn't have these features, you will need to make fixtures for the rear fender. The simplest method is to drill small holes in the fender and wrap zip ties through the holes and around the bridges. Once the fenders are in stock, I'll mount a set on a frame and photograph the process so it all makes sense. See the installation page.

700c x 40mm stainless steel fenders complete with struts and hardware: $

700c x 50mm stainless steel fenders complete with struts and hardware: $

700c x 60mm stainless steel fenders complete with struts and hardware: $

26" x 40mm stainless steel fenders complete with struts and hardware: $ 80.00

26" x 50mm stainless steel fenders complete with struts and hardware: $

26" x 60mm stainless steel fenders complete with struts and hardware: $

650B x 40mm stainless steel fenders complete with struts and hardware: $ 80.00

650B x 50mm stainless steel fenders complete with struts and hardware: $

The 650B x 50 will also fit over 26" tires.

Parts for Berthoud stainless steel fenders are available. I stock the aluminum struts, all the nuts and bolts, as well as the fenders themselves without hardware. So if anything should be damaged in a crash, you can buy what you need to make repairs. Parts are available in sets only. What that means is, if you damage a fender strut, you can buy a set of two struts. If you damage a rear fender, you can buy a set of front and rear fenders. If you lose a bolt to fit a fender strut to a fender, you can buy a set of four bolts washers and nuts to attach fender struts to fenders. See the Berthoud Parts page.

Add an oil impregnated leather mud flap for $ 22.00

The leather mud flap can only be used on the stainless steel fenders. It is not to be used on the (now discontinued) carbon fiber fenders. Nor is it suitable for use on other brands of fenders such as Esge/SKS. So, if you want the mud flap, you'll just have to get the fenders, heh, heh, heh. The mud flap really makes the Berthoud stainless fenders special. The flap eliminates the spray that would otherwise be directed at your feet from the front tire, whenever the wheel is turned in a corner. It makes a big difference in how dry your feet remain during a ride.

Saddle Bags

This saddlebag in black closes with a buckle. Now only available in grey. The light isn't included. It's just to show how a light could be mounted. $ 152.00

City Saddlebag



Klick Fix mount Handlebar Bags


The GB 192 attaches to your handlebar with a "Klick Fix" clamp. The Klick Fix is very secure, and makes it very easy to remove the bag from your bike when you're parked outside your favorite bistro. These handlebar bags come with a shoulder strap. The mounts and forks are available separately. See the parts page. In stock! Unlike the other Berthoud handlebar bags, the GB192 requires no front rack to support the bag from below. The Klick-Fix fork and Clamp do it all.

The GB 192 handlebar bag in Grey. The fork is the support that enables the bag to be attached to the mount. See the Berthoud parts page for a picture. Bag, mount and fork are all sold separately.

GB192 bag: $

Klickfix Mount: $

Fork for 192 bag: $ 20.00

Mounts and forks are available separately. See the Berthoud parts page.

Here's the GB 192 in Black, showing the shoulder strap.

GB 200 KF

The GB 200 KF can either be a handlebar bag, or a saddlebag. It mounts with a Klick Fix mount. The mounts are sold separately. You get either a seatpost mount, or a handlebar mount. The back plate on the bag will accept either type of mount.

Volume 4,7 L.
Closed on the front with Velcro strap.
Reflective front strip.
Made with very strong cotton water resistant canvas for the body, and leather reinforcements.

Price: $

Handlebar Mount: (hbag blockset) $

Seatpost Mount: (Klick Fix Riser for saddlebag) $ 16.00

For photos, see: Berthoud Parts

Berthoud Decaleur & Rack Mount Handlebar Bags

Gilles Berthoud has a unique system for mounting a handlebar bag. It's more rigid than any other type. It's also a bit more expensive, and complicated. But if you want the best, this is it. It starts with a front rack. The bag is supported both by a front rack attached to the fork, and to the handlebar stem.

We have limited space, and these take up lots of room on our shelves, so I'm closing out these handlebar bags. The closeout price is shown next to the regular price for those items we're discontinuing. These are not discontinued by Gilles Berthoud. And when we run out, you'll still be able to by them from Wallingford and other shops. See

The Decaleur comes in several types for different stems. The bolt on the right replaces the handlebar fixing bolt on your traditional style stem. Part of the frame on the left is bolted to the rear top edge of the bag. You can see the four bolts, washer sets and nuts hanging down. Then the connecting rod (sticking out at the bottom) slides in connecting the bag to the Decaleur. $

There are two lengths for the forward extension; 91mm and 121mm. And there are two types of fixing bolt to attach to the stem. One type works with the most traditional type of stem, styled like the old Cinelli 1A which has a horizontally oriented stem binder bolt. The Nitto Technomic and Technomic Deluxe have a similar horizontal bolt to clamp the handlebar. In the 1980's, some Italian stem makers began selling stems with a vertical bolt, like the one shown directly below.

So the four models of Decaleur consist of the two lengths, and the two types of bolts. An H121 would have the longer extension and the horizontal bolt. A V91 would have the shorter extension and the vertical bolt. I leave the reader with the scintilating prospect of guessing the other two designations. ;-)

We also have a decaleur for use with threadless stems.

The top of the bag should be roughly level with the handlebar. So, the height of your handlebar over the front wheel determines the height of the bag you use. In other words, riders with higher handlebars will use a larger bag. See the photo near the bottom of this page to see a bag mounted on the front rack.

This is a Berthoud adjustable front rack for frames using sidepull caliper brakes. It should work with any fork having lowrider braze-ons. The left strut on the rack pictured has a mount for a headlight.

This is a Berthoud adjustable front rack for frames using cantilever or V brakes. It should work with any fork having lowrider braze-ons. The tab extending to the left is drilled to accept the special "Silent Block Bolt" which attaches to a fork crown bolt from below. The right strut on the rack pictured has a mount for a headlight.

The rack can have a mount for a headlight (as pictured above), such as a Schmidt E6 or Busch&Müller Lumotec. The mount can be either on the right side, left side, or you can have mounts on both sides for a dual headlight setup. For more info on these racks, see the Berthoud Parts page.

Rack for sidepull brakes with light bracket: Price $

Rack for sidepull brakes without light bracket: Price $

Rack for cantilever or V brakes with light bracket: Price $

Rack for cantilever or V brakes without light bracket: Price $


Rack-Top Cases

The Large Rack-Top Case is also available in grey or black. Water resistant cotton fabric, trimmed in leather. 300mm long, 190mm wide, 175mm high. The long wrap-around zipper is protected by a flap. Taillight not included. $ 259.00


Musette Bag

Very strong cotton water resistant black canvas for the body, and leather trim for edges and reinforcements.
Zipped inside pocket.
Handy pocket each sides.
Length 380mm
Width 100mm
Height 240mm

Price: $

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