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Hardware to attach struts to threaded dropouts: $ 9.40

Four screws, eight washers, and four clamps. Enough for the whole bike.

Chromed steel stay binder for 5mm dropout eyelets without threads. The hole in the bolt is the perfect size for Berthoud aluminum fender struts. The ring in the center is counterbored. When you place the threaded section through a non-threaded eyelet and tighten the nut, it clamps the strut tightly. These are available in three lengths for the threaded section; 10.5mm, 13mm, and 15mm. Pick the length that works for your bike and any rack that might be attached to the same eyelet.

Price: $ 5.00

Hardware to attach struts to stainless fenders: $ 5.90

Four screws, four washers, and four nuts. Enough for the whole bike.

Hardware "Silent Block Bolt" to attach front fender to brake center bolt. $ 5.90

The brake center bolt goes through the hole in the bolt you see. The threaded end extends down through the fender and is held in place by the nut. The rubber grommet goes between the fender and the fork crown. It won't rattle. Put a drop of blue Loctite on the threads.

Aluminum fender struts (2) for the 40mm stainless steel fenders. $ 33.25

Aluminum fender struts (2) for the 50mm stainless steel fenders. $

Sold only as pairs.

Pair of fenders without any hardware. Sorry, but I cannot sell just a front or just a rear. They are only sold as pairs.

700c x 40mm: $

700c x 50mm: $

650b x 40mm: $ 45.00

26" x 40mm: $

Leather mud flap for the stainless steel fenders. Hardware included. Don't use this with any other fender. $ 22.00

We have special nuts that replace the allen nuts which hold most modern caliper brakes on frames these days. These nut are special in that they have a 10mm head and a 5mm thread into which you can screw a 5mm bolt, like the button head bolt you see below. This makes it possible to mount fenders to the rear of your fork crown, where most fenders are designed to mount.

See? The round head allen screw bolts into the special replacement nut for your brakes. It's an ingeneous solution to the problem of mounting fenders to bikes with allen nutted brakes. And it allows you to remove the fenders without loosening the attachment of your brakes. These special allen nuts are included when you buy the fenders.

I have these available in four different lengths.

9mm and 13mm, Price: $ 6.50

22mm, Price: $ 8.50

30mm, Price: $ 9.50

The dimensions, 9mm through 30mm, are for the part of the nut that you can't see, the part inside the fork crown. Different lengths are needed for different fork crowns, and for different applications. For example, if you are mounting not only fenders, but also a Busch & Müller Ixon headlight to the fork crown, that Ixon mount is 10mm thick, and so your caliper brake will then be another 10mm further forward of the fork crown, and the rear nut will have to be another 10mm in length, over and above whatever length it needed to be without the Ixon mount.


See the installation page for instructions on installing Berthoud fenders.


Klick Fix mount for GB 192 handlebar bag.

The cord wraps underneath the stem, preventing the weight of the bag from rotating the mount forward as you ride. One is included with the complete GB192 handlebar bag. But you can buy these separately as well, so you can easily move one bag between several bikes. $

Klick Fix fork for GB 192 handlebar Bag

The stainless fork slides into the side loops on the GB 192 handlebar bag, and then clips into the Klick Fix mount on the handlebar. Included with each complete GB 192 handlebar bag. Available separately as a replacement. $ 20.00


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