Panasonic Dyna Hubs

Panasonic makes economical and extremely reliable hub dynamos for commuters. These hubs are a great value. However, I've discovered recently that I am getting older, at about a rate of one year per year! Ack! So I'm starting to trim down the business, and I won't be getting more of these fine hubs in stock.

The Panasonic Dyna Hub hub dynamo is the perfect low cost solution for bicycle lighting. The Dyna Hub has sealed cartridge bearings. The hub powers many different six volt headlights including both older halogen and modern LED headlights (as well as taillights) made by Busch & Müller, Schmidt, Supernova, Spanninga. Click here for images of various headlight beams.

The Dyna Hub is available in 28, 32 hole and 36 hole drilling for rim brakes; and 32 hole and 36 hole drilling for disc brake. The 28 hole rim brake hubs are labeled "Sanyo". In every other respect they are identical to the "Panasonic" labeled hubs. Panasonic bought the factory that makes these hubs from Sanyo a few years ago. They no longer make the 28 hole versions, but we have a few left in silver finish. The hub takes a standard quick release skewer, though no skewer is included. We sell the Pitlock skewers to help prevent theft.

With an older halogen bulb headlight only, use a 3 watt bulb. With a halogen headlight and taillight, the headlight uses a 2.4 watt bulb and the taillight is .6 watts. With modern LED headlights, you may choose whether or not to use a taillight and no change is required in the headlight.

The Dyna Hub weighs about 1 pound 4 ounces without the skewer. The weight is from my postal scale. I don't have a gram scale so that will have to do.

The photo shows the silver finish hubs; ISO disc version on the left, and version for rim brake on the right. We stock Black Anodized versions as well. They are compatible with tradition 9mm dropouts, 100mm spacing. There is no bolt-on version. Any normal front quick release skewer will work, as well as Pitlock skewers.

ISO disc hub on the left, rim brake version on the right


Choose between silver or black, disc or non disc.
Part Number Description Price
PAN23861 Panasonic Dyna Hub, 32 hole, Black $60.00
PAN23862 Panasonic Dyna Hub, 36 hole, Black $60.00
SANH27QR028 Panasonic Dyna Hub, 28 hole, Silver $60.00
PAN23864 Panasonic Dyna Hub, 36 hole, Silver $60.00
PAN23871 Panasonic Dyna Hub, ISO Disc, 32 hole, Black $70.00
PAN23872 Panasonic Dyna Hub, ISO Disc, 36 hole, Black $70.00
PAN23873 Panasonic Dyna Hub, ISO Disc, 32 hole, Silver $70.00
PAN23874 Panasonic Dyna Hub, ISO Disc, 36 hole, Silver $70.00

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