I sell saddles from several companies; Berthoud, Brooks, Terry, and WTB, among others.

We stock Brooks leather handlebar wrap in Black, Honey and Antique Brown. The wrap perfectly matches the corresponding color of Brooks saddles. We also have their grips for upright handlebars.

People often ask if Carradice saddlebags, the ones with the wooden dowel, will work with a sprung Brooks saddle like the Champion Flyer. The answer is, you can attach the bag, but the movement of the springs will wear a hole through the bag. I strongly recommend against it.


Brand Model Description Price

Brooks Team Pro Copper Rails (men's) The standard by which all other racing saddles should be judged. Black or Honey $210.00
Brooks Team Pro Chrome Rails (men's) Same as above but perhaps not quite as pretty. $ 200.00
Brooks Swallow (men's) Black Slightly narrower than the Pro. The sides have been relieved and pulled together tightly to prevent chafing.

$ 240.00

Brooks Swift (men's) Black & Honey Titanium rails to reduce weight

$ 350.00

Brooks Team Pro (women's) Large brass rivets and top quality leather, shaped for a woman. Chrome rails. $ 200.00
Brooks Finesse (women's) Titanium rails. $ 310.00
Brooks Team Pro Ti rails (men's) Large flattened brass rivets, Antique Brown leather. This saddle is gorgeous. $ 350.00
Brooks Champion Flyer Special The Chamion Flyer is a B17 with springs. The "Special" has the same oversized rivets and beveled edges as the B17 Champion Special. And of course it has the springs. $190.00
Brooks B17 Standard (men's) Black A little wider than the Pro, the B17 has loops for a Carradice saddle bag. This is my most popular men's saddle for touring. $130.00
Brooks B17 Standard (men's)
Same as above $130.00
Brooks B17 Champion Special
Honey, Black or Green (men's)
Same dimensions as the B17 Standard, but with larger rivets. Saddlebag loops for Carradice bags $180.00
Brooks B17 Champion Special Titanium Black, Honey, Antique Brown or Green (men's) Same as above but with Titanium rails $310.00
Brooks Champion Flyer Honey or Black (men's) Same as a B17 but with springs. Will mount on any standard seat post.


Brooks Flyer S Women's Black or Honey Women's version (shorter) of the Champion Flyer. Mounts on standard seat post. Has bag loops for Carradice saddlebag. $130.00
Brooks Countess (women's) black Coil springs, black leather with brass rivets $130.00
Brooks B67 and B67S Coil springs, Beautifully textured leather $135.00
Brooks Proofide Leather preservative 40 gram can $19.99
Brooks Saddle Wrench Used to take out the slack! $11.99

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