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Frame Mounted Taillights

Secula Permanent


Powered by two AAA batteries, the Secula Permanent is available in two versions; one for frame mounting, and a second for fender mounting. The frame mount version has a pivoting mount, so it can be aligned correctly on either a seat stay or a seat post. The photo above shows the Secula on a seat stay. Scroll down for the fender mount version.


Here is the Secula Permanent mounted to a seat post. 20 hour run time, with an LED indicator light that illuminates when you need to change the batteries. 2 AAA batteries included.

Secula Permanent for frame mounting, Part # B&M331/2BS, Price: $ 43.00



The IXXI is small, very bright with a wide angle of light projection. It charges its lithium ion battery via a micro USB charging port.


The push button On/Off switch is at the top.

USB port

The Micro USB charging port is at the bottom, protected by the rubber surround.


The rubber surround is easily removed for charging. The battery lasts 15 hours at full brightness, and then slowing dims.

Busch & Müller IXXI taillight, Part # B&M383, Price: $ 36.00

The IXXI taillight can be purchased as a set with the Ixon Core headlight.

Ixon Core & IXXI, Part # B&M180/383-5, Price: $ 124.00

Rack Mounted Taillights

The rack mount taillights all mount to a horizontal bracket with two holes either 50mm or 80mm apart. I sell some brackets to allow mounting taillights onto racks without suitable mounts. Scroll down this page towards the bottom to see these adapters. The Tubus Cargo and Logo racks incorporate the proper mount for these lights.

Battery Life

Busch & Müller's published run times for taillights tell you how long you should expect the taillight to be at full brightness. The light will stay lit longer than their published specification, but will gradually become dimmer. Some other manufacturers base their run time ratings on the total time, even counting when the LED is barely lit.

Busch & Müller Toplight Line Permanent & Senso


Busch & Müller's newest (2011) battery taillights use the same "Line-Tech" fresnel to spread the light from two bright LEDs across the entire width of the taillight. 38 hour run time on a single AA battery.

"Permanent" version has a 2 position On/Off switch. "Senso" version has a 3 position switch, On/Off/Senso. When you switch it to Senso mode, the light switches on for about 4 minutes, and then, if it's dark and if the light senses movement, the light will stay on. When your bike stops moving, the light will remain on for about 4 minutes and then automatically switch off. This gives you light while stopped at an intersection. As you ride in daylight, the light will switch off, and only come on at twilight and only if the bike is moving.

Included is a special screw and wrench which can be used to secure the battery from theft.

Toplight Line Permanent (On/Off), 38 hour run time, Part Number B&M3235BL00: $ 52.00

Toplight Line Senso (On/Off/Senso), 38 hour run time, Part Number B&M3235BLHR00: $ 62.00


Busch & Müller DToplight XS Permanent

The new Busch&Müller DToplight XS Permanent mounts on a rack with either 50mm wide studs or 80mm wide studs. You install the bolts in the position your rack requires. There is a two position on / off switch on the bottom. It is powered by 2 AA batteries. 50 hour run time. Part Number B&M325BL: $ 35.00

Busch & Müller Toplight Flat S



The Toplight Flat S uses Busch & Müller's "Line Tec", a series of reflectors that spreads the light from the central LED across the width of the taillight. And don't worry, the vertical bars glow red. They're just overexposed in this photo.

109mm wide

Toplight Flat S Permanent (On/Off), 50 hour run time, Part Number B&M329BS-02: $ 37.00

Toplight Flat S Senso (On/Off/Senso), 50 hour run time, Part Number B&M329BSHR-02: $ 46.00

Fender Mounted Taillights

Fender mount taillights require two holes drilled in the rear fender. The holes should be 5mm in diameter, one above the other, 20mm apart. Care should be taken to mount the light so that the brightest part of the beam is at driver's eye level. Where you mount the light along the curve of the fender determines where the beam is aimed.

Secula Permanent


The Secula Permanent has the same bright LED used in the Secula Plus dynamo powered taillight. I use the frame mount version of this taillight on one of my own bikes.Powered by two AAA batteries.

Secula Permanent for fender, Part # B&M331BS, Price: $ 38.00

All taillights are LED types. Modern LEDs are brighter than bulbs of comparable wattage. I do not sell taillights that use bulbs, and I do not sell replacement bulbs for taillights. If you have a taillight that uses a bulb and you need a replacement, I highly recommend replacing that taillight with an LED type.

Mounting Adapters

This is a rear view (actually this faces front) of a rack mount taillight. You see here two bolts coming out of the housing. Some taillights ship without the bolts installed. Some, like this B&M design have four positions where you can push out the plastic and place the bolts from the inside. You can choose either 80mm spacing or 50mm spacing for the bolts. Here the spacing is 80mm.

Some other taillights such as the Eclipse have the bolts already mounted in the 50mm position. I know of racks with both 80mm and 50mm spaced mounts, and I know of racks with only 50mm spaced mounts, but I don't know of any racks with only 80mm mounts. So many of the taillights I stock only have the 50mm mount option.

Some racks like most Tubus models have a bracket on the rear to mount these lights. But some don't. So we have adapters.

If your rear rack has a single hole in the rear that will take a bolt which faces in the direction of travel, you can mount this bracket into that hole and then you'll have the 50mm and 80mm mounting points for any of the Busch & Müller rack mount taillights such as the DToplight XS Plus above. Single Hole Bracket: $ 17.50

If your rack has no hole in the rear but does have either a top plate or some cross braces, this T bracket can be clamped to the top of your rack and then the taillight can be bolted to it.

Here's a DToplight XS Plus mounted on a T bracket using the 80mm bolt positions. T bracket: $ 15.00

If your bike has a seat post binder bolt that's big and not recessed into the seat cluster, you can probably use this bracket to mount a taillight on the seat post binder bolt. The hole on the left would be at the seat post binder. The hole is about 8.5mm in diameter. Seat Post Binder Bracket: $ 5.50

I sell several Tubus racks which incorporate a mounting bracket which will fit many types of Busch & Müller tail lights including the DToplight Permanent and Eclipse Xb. The Tubus Cargo is a heavy duty tubular cromoly steel rack for extended touring and heavy loads.

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More Battery Powered Lights

Other battery powered taillights and headlights are available from Spanninga and Supernova.

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