Tubus Racks


Tubus Racks

Tubus makes the very best racks for bicycles, in my opinion. We used to sell lots of them, but we need the space for SON hubs, Rohloff hubs, TA & Stronglihgt cranks and chainrings, and a few other items we import from Europe. So we are closing out Tubus racks. We have a few items left, but no more racks. They are all sold out.


Tubus QR Adapter
for rear dropouts without eyelets. These only work with older Tubus rear racks. The rack must have a second mounting hole about 22mm above the hole used for bolting the rack to the dropout. Without that second hole, this adapter is useless.

What do you do if your frame doesn't have eyelets on the rear dropouts? Tubus makes a nifty adapter. It uses a quick release skewer to clamp a bracket that you can then use to mount your rear rack, if it's either a Tubus Logo or Tubus Cosmo. Once installed, removing your rear wheel won't be as easy. And you'll not want to have your panniers mounted when you do remove the rear wheel since the weight will then be supported completely by the upper rack struts. But it's a secure way to mount a rack on a bike that was not intended to have a rack.

$ 33.00

Tubus Seat Stay Mounts

If your frame doesn't have eyelets up above the brakes on the seat stays, you can use these stainless steel mounts to attach the upper struts of your rear rack. The picture on the left shows the hardware as it comes to you. The two long pieces on the left are bent around the seat stay, as the picture on the right shows. The little sort of triangular pieces reinforce the end tabs of the long pieces; you can see them on the right hand picture. When assembled correctly, they make a very strong and durable mount for the upper struts of the Tubus Cargo, Cosmo, or Logo rear rack.

You'll need to measure the diameter of your seat stays so we can send you the correct size. There are five sizes; 14mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, and 25mm. We stock them all. If your seat stays are in between sizes, use the next larger size, and use a shim to make up the difference.



Tubus Lowrider Adapters

If your fork has no mid fork eyelets, you can still mount the Tara rack, as long as the dropouts have eyelets. Tubus makes a nice adapter for the mid fork.

The Tara bolts to the center holes in the clamps.

Available in two sizes: 20mm to 32mm diameter, and 25mm to 40mm diameter.



So now that you have a Tubus rack, what are you going to put on it? Perhaps an Ortlieb or Carradice pack?

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