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Silkroad frames

Chain drive only Silkroad for Rohloff/Shimano:
Small Anthracite, Frame & fork: $1560.00
Medium Anthracite, Frame & fork: $1560.00
Extra Large Green, Frame & fork: $1560.00

New Silkroad frames are all compatible with gates belt drive. These we do not keep in stock, but rather we order for each customer, so you have your choice of many colors.

Model year 2015 Silkroad Xplore bicycles in stock.

We have a small stock of 2015 model year Silkroad Xplore bicycles which are chain drive only. These are available for pickup now.

These prices include the frame, the fork, and the Pinion 18 speed transmission with cranks.

Silkroad Xplore, Small Green with SL fork and 18 speed Pinion cranks and transmission, Ritchey Logic Comp headset, Shimnao XT hydraulic brakes, SON dynamo hub, Chris King rear hub, Mavic EN 321 rims, Busch & Müller IQ Premium CYO T Senso PLus headlight, Toplight Line Brake Tek taillight, Wippermann Connex chain, Schwalbe marathon 26 x 2 tires, Atran Velo kickstand. Price: $6102.39

Silkroad Xplore, Medium Green with SL fork and 18 speed Pinion cranks and transmission. King headset, Price:

The Silkroad Xplore frames and Metropolitan Xplore frames with 18 speed Pinion Drive for Gates belt drive are available by special order.

Silkroad Frame & Fork, or Complete Bicycle

The Silkroad features a frame with integrated rear rack for the best possible combination of low weight and high strength.

The Silkroad is offered in versions for the internally geared Rohloff hub, similar hub like the Shimano Alfine, or for the new 18 speed Pinion transmission. See this page for all the details.

Download my spreadsheet listing prices and components for Tout Terrain bicycles. This is an .xls file. If you don't want to buy Microsoft Excel, you can download Open Office for PCs or Neo Office for Mac OS X for free.

All Tout Terrain frames come with their innovative "Handlebar Stop". This device works in conjunction with a brazed on block on each side of the head tube. The stop clamps to the steerer tube and prevents the handlebar from turning more than ninety degrees in either direction, protecting the frame from damage, as well as any light mounted at the fork crown. This photo of the Handlebar Stop is of a prototype. The production part is anodized black.

Silkroad Xplore


The Silkroad is designed for Rohloff and Shimano Alfine rear hubs. But there's another way to have internal gearing on a bike. The Pinion system gives you 18 speeds in a transmision incorporated into the crankset. It requires a purpose-built frame, so it's a big commitment. But the Pinion transmission is very smooth. I like it a lot. We stock these in Small, Medium and Large. Frame geometry is the same as the regular Silkroad. The Silkroad Xplore with 18 speed Pinion drive and cranks is sold with a Tout Terrain Blade SL fork, which works with the Schmidt SL dynamo hub, eliminating the need to connect and disconnect wires when installing or removing the front wheel. Choose from 165mm, 170mm and 175mm crank lengths.

Silkroad Xplore frame, 18 speed Pinion drive, cranks and Blade SL fork, Green, Price: $ 4770.00

Tout Terrain also makes the Tanami Xplore, which uses 700c wheels and takes 2" tires. We can order this for those who need the Extra Large size. All other specs are the same.

Don't Like Rotary Shifters?

TT Rohloff Shifter

Where's the brake lever? Don't worry, this works with brake levers. ;-) This is the new Cinq shifter for Rohloff, made by Tout Terrain. Actually it's half of the pair. One side is for upshifts, the other side is for downshifts. So you get two levers, one for each side. You can decide which side is upshift and which is downshift. 22mm clamp for upright handlebars. Tout Terrain Cinq external shiftbox included.

Tout Terrain Cinq shifters for upright h-bar, Part #, TOU849-720-011, Price: $ 400.00

Cinq shifters come with cables, but without cable housing. You must not use brake cable housing for Cinq shifters, but only SIS housing. The housing must not be compressible.

Using Rohloff with Drop Bars

We now have the best solution for using the Rohloff 14 speed hub with drop handlebars.

drop bar

Same mechanism as the version for upright bars, but with 31.8mm clamp. These mount on each side of the stem. You decide whether you downshift on the right or on the left. Tout Terrain Cinq external shiftbox included.

Tout Terrain Cinq shifters for drop h-bar, Part #, TOU849-710-011, Price: $

Cinq shifters come with cables, but without cable housing. You must not use brake cable housing for Cinq shifters, but only SIS housing. The housing must not be compressible.

External Shiftbox for Cinq Shifters

external shiftbox

The Cinq shifters require a different interface with the Rohloff hub than the External Shiftbox Rohloff provides. So this replaces the Rohloff External Shift Box. It's included with the shifters. It's shown here on a Silkroad frame.

And remember! Cinq shifters come with cables, but without cable housing. You must not use brake cable housing for Cinq shifters, but only SIS housing. The housing must not be compressible.


Frame Size Seat Tube Length (center to top) Seat Tube Head Tube Top Tube Wheelbase Rake Standover at mid Top Tube Chainstay
Small 40cm 74 deg. 70 deg. 54.5cm 102.6cm 48mm 73cm 43.5cm
Medium 45cm 73 deg. 70.5 deg. 57cm 104.6cm 48mm 78cm 44cm
Large 50cm 72.5 deg. 71 deg 59cm 106.6cm 48mm 83cm 44.5cm
Extra Large 55cm 72 deg. 72 deg 61cm 108.7cm 48mm 88cm 45cm

The top tube slopes downward to the rear. So these standover dimensions are approximate.

The front disc size is 180mm, rear is 160mm.

I have many component options. Send me an email and ask for my spreadsheet showing all the Tout Terrain frames and component options. You need spreadsheet software to open this file. I recommend OpenOffice for Windows and Linux computers, and NeoOffice for Macs. Don't waste your money on Microsoft Excel or Apple's iWork. OpenOffice and NeoOffice are free, and work as well or better.


We need to use the female half of a double chainring bolt set, and the male half of a triple bolt set to make this work. Then the bolts are long enough to pass through the crank spider, two chainrings, and the 4mm spacer. For most riders, a 40 tooth chainring works well with the stock 16 tooth cog that ships with the Rohloff.


Here's a Silkroad fitted with the new 60mm Berthoud stainless steel fenders. These are more expensive than the SKS fenders, but they have more coverage and will last longer with hard use.


I like to ship new bikes with the steerer tube left extra long. This allows the customer to try the bike and experiment with different handlebar heights easily. Once the ideal handlebar height is determined, the customer can bring the bike to his local bike shop to have the steerer cut. Or, ship just the fork back to us and we'll do it at no charge. Forks with threadless steerers can be removed from the frame quite easily, especially when using a headset with sealed bearings like the Chris King.


Same bike showing the leather mud flaps made by Gilles Berthoud.


We not only have the Rohloff 14 speed hub, we also have the Shimano Alfine 8 speed and 11 speed hubs. For a comparison of the gearing available from these three hubs, please download this PDF file, provided by Tout Terrain.




Available now, the new Metropolitan. Think of it as a Boulevard, but instead of a chain drive, it has a belt drive. The new belt drive is significantly more durable than a chain drive, and there's no need for lubricant. So it's one step closer to the perfect maintenance free bicycle, ideal for the all weather commuting cyclist. It's designed for 26" wheels and big tires. You could have it with 700x32 tires, but for a commuting bike, I don't see the point. Large tires are great when you're forced into a pothole while riding in traffic. Disc brakes only of course. This is the ultimate no compromise commuting bicycle. You can choose between Shimano Alfine 8 speed or 11 speed hubs or the Rohloff 14 speed hub. The frame is designed for use with dynamo lights powered either by the Schmidt SON28S, SONdelux Disc or a Shimano Alfine hub dynamo. The integrated rear rack will accept a dynamo powered taillight and the wire runs through the rack, just as on the Silkroad and Boulevard.

Also available is the Schmidt SONdelux SL hub and fork system, which eliminates the need to connect and disconnect wires to the dynamo hub when installing or removing the front wheel. See the details here.

We are not convinced that the belt drive is suitable for expedition type touring. In the unlikely event that the carbon fiber belt is damaged, failure of the belt is complete. Unlike a damaged chain which can often be repaired, the belt, once broken, cannot be fixed. It's a minor inconvenience to be stranded five miles from home or work while commuting; it's a disaster to have a belt fail a thousand miles from home. So for the time being, Tout Terrain is only recommending the belt drive for commuting purposes, not expedition touring. We have no plans for a Silkroad with belt drive.

The Metropolitan is now available for purchase. More info and photos are on the Metropolitan page.

Coming in June 2014, the Metropolitan Xplore with 18 speed Pimion drive. Stay tuned!

Grande Route


Please go to this page for all the details on the Grande Route.

The Plug

The Plug conerts the A.C. output of your hub dynamo to D.C. to charge the battery on your Garmin GPS or iPhone. Click here for more details.

The Mule

The Mule

Can your trailer do this?

The Mule is a wonderful trailer for off road touring. Designed to carry up to 35kg - 77lbs of stuff, without adversely affecting the handling of your bike, even over rough terrain. 160mm of suspension travel makes it easy to pull your stuff over just about anything a sane person would ride a bike over.

To learn more about The Mule, go to this page.




The Singletrailer uses a suspension to keep your child comfortable when riding offroad trails. Great care is taken in the construction of the trailer to maximize safety. Your child will remain safe and dry if it rains. Even if your bike has no fenders, your child is protected from spray by the black plastic barrier in front. The side windows are thick plastic. There are reflective strips down each side and across the back.

trailer with screen

In good weather, just use the mesh screen to protect your child from those big nasty bugs while riding.

The sun shade is removeable.

sun shade

You can roll up the shade and store it in an inside pocket.

When you don't need the mesh screen, just tuck it away behind the seat.

rain shield

If there's a chance of rain, pull down and secure the plastic window. Your little bundle of joy will remain dry. Well, at least from the rain.

The suspension can be adjusted for both weight and ride height. Adjust the pressure in the shock to compensate for your child's weight and the terrain, and adjust the position of the shock on the suspension arm to change the ride height of the trailer.

See this page for more on the Singletrailer.



The Sherpa pack and support let you take your backpack with you on a ride, without having to wear it during the ride. Put the pack on its support while riding, then wear the pack at your destination. You can also keep a hydration sack inside the Sherpa pack.

Sherpa Pack $ 156.50

support frame

The Sherpa support rack clamps to your seatpost. There are several sizes of inserts so one support can fit most seatposts.

Sherpa 2 Support Rack $ 146.00

side view of support

The Sherpa Pack rests on the support, and a fabric pocket slides over the vertical section of the support, keeping the pack securely on the support.

pack strapped to support

The straps lock the pack onto the support frame.


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