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Dealer Policies

Peter White Cycles sells a variety of lighting and other cycling products at wholesale prices to retail bicycle shops, professional wheel builders, and bicycle manufacturers. We are the importer for Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau of Tübingen, Germany, maker of the Schmidt Dynohub or SON. And we import for Busch & Müller of Meinerzhagen, Germany, maker of various headlights and taillights, both dynamo powered,battery powered, and E Bike. We also import Spanninga lights from Nantua, France. We import the Panasonic dynohubs. We import Supernova headlights and taillights, the dynamo versions, to these united States and Canada. In addition to these fine bicycle lights, we import and distribute Pitlock stainless steel locking skewers from Berlin, Germany, Connex chains from Wippermann in Hagen, Germany. We are also a Rohloff distributor. We are a distributor for Velocity rims and Wheelsmith spokes in the USA. We also import cranks and chainrings from Specialites TA, as well as chainrings, headsets, bottom brackets and fenders from Stronglight SA in France. I also build wheels with the SON dynamo huib, as well as Phil Wood hubs, using Wheelsmith spokes and Velocity rims.

Wholesale prices these products are published periodically and emailed to dealers. To receive wholesale pricing, you must be a legitimate bicycle business in either these united States or Canada. I will not sell products at wholesale prices to businesses outside of these united States or Canada, nor will I sell at wholesale prices to retail consumers. To receive wholesale pricing, you must have a full-time bicycle shop, or be a professional wheel builder, or bicycle manufacturer, and you must do business in the normal retail manner. I do not sell to buying clubs, online auction sites, or other non-retail distribution channels. Nor do I sell to internet-only businesses. If you offer internet sales, you must also have a walk-in retail store where you conduct your primary business. Your website must refer directly to that retail store, giving its physical location and hours of business. Advertised prices for products on the website must be the same as those for the retail store. In other words, the retail store must not simply be a "front" for an internet business. I require business references, a business telephone listing, etc. Wholesale orders must be paid via Visa, Mastercard, or postal money order.

Retailers do not need to be bicycle lighting experts to sell these products, though it certainly helps. If your customer has a question about these products that you are unable to answer, please refer your customer to this web site, or suggest that your customer contact me directly. I will happily answer your customer's questions, and I will not attempt to sell products directly to your customer. Please ask your customer to let me know that he/she is your customer. So, even though I am also a retailer of these products, I will not attempt to compete with those retailers who purchase these products from me.

I offer wholesale pricing on built wheels with the Schmidt SON hub using Velocity rims and Wheelsmith DB14, XL14 and DH13 spokes. There is no difference between wheels I sell to my retail customers and wheels I sell to dealers and bicycle manufacturers. All wheels are built here in the shop by me to the same exacting standards. I publish wholesale wheel pricing periodically and email prices in PDF format to established dealers and manufacturers.

I reserve the right to discontinue sales to retailers who advertise prices lower than the minimum advertised prices on my website.

Please call and set up a wholesale account to receive wholesale pricing.

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