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Carradice makes saddlebags, rain gear and panniers. These are my favorites. The fabric is cotton, and the waterproofing is from wax. As the bags age, instead of you being left with a nylon fabric that leaks because the coating wears off, you simply melt parafin wax into the cotton fabric to completely restore the original waterproofness of the bag. So, in this case, the old fashion method really works better than the new.
Tout-Terrain makes a great backpack for cycling. The reason it's so great is that while you're cycling, it isn't on your back!
Ortlieb makes waterproof panniers, handlebar bags and saddle packs.
Tubus makes tubular chromoly and tubular stainless steel racks.
Bagman Saddlebag Supports will securely hold your Carradice saddlebag.
Gilles Berthoud makes gorgeous pannniers, saddle bags, handlebar bags and rack top packs, not to mention my best fenders.
Arkel makes rugged compartmentalized panniers and handlebar bags.
No page yet. For now, see the Arkel website for details.

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