What's New?

April 20, 2022

SON 28 12 110 boost dynamo hubs are now in stock. So, if you have the latest and greatest fork on your bike, you can also have the best dynamo hub on your bike.

We have a huge shipment of Stronglight Impact Triple cranksets, as well as the Impact Triple arms arriving in a few weeks. And we are already well stocked with their top quality replacement chainrings for a wide selection of cranks.

We also have their JIS taper bottom brackets in both British and Italian threading in a wide selection of axle lengths.

We also have their BSC24 bottom brackets in British threading to work with most recent Shimano cranksets. We have both road and MTB versions of these in stock.

Also, we have their SRAM GXP compatible bottom brackets in British threading to work with many SRAM and Truvativ cranksets. We have both road and MTB versions of these in stock.

From Specialites TA we have BSA30 bottom brackets in both Road and MTB versions.

December 21, 2021

We received some Connex 11 speed chains, the model 11SX Connex

We are well stocked with TA Carmina and Carmina Compact cranksets. We also have TA bottom brackets in stock.

Our stock of dynamo hubs and lights is excellent.

We are now carrying Velox handlebar tape and tubeless rim tape and conversion kits. Velox

We are closing out Pitlock skewers at very low prices. Pitlock

We have some Tout Terrain demo bikes for sale at great prices.

We are now selling the Appcon 3000 USB charger. Appcon 3000

June 16, 2021

The bicycle business is in turmoil, as it has been for about a year now. Some shops are going out of business because they can't get bicycles to sell, and can't get parts to do repairs on bikes. So they have no income as they aren't doing any work.

So far, Peter White Cycles has been affected very little by this. We've been rather lucky. However, much of our business is in hand-built wheels, and rims are getting very difficult to get. Many of our customers are waiting a few months to get their wheels, simply because we don't have the rims they want.

But our stock of dynamo hubs and lights is still very good. 11 speed Connex chains are now out of stock, and we don't expect more until October. We still have 8, 9 and 10 speed Connex chains.

We continue to get regular shipments of cranks and chainrings from both TA and Stronglight. So while replacement chainrings from Shimano are now just about impossible to find, you can keep your bike going with top quality chainrings from France.

December 3, 2018

We are now building wheels with Sapim, as well as Wheelsmith spokes.

Sapim Spokes

Peter White Cycles is now a Rohloff Service Center. You can send your Rohloff hub or wheel to us for any type of service. We can even convert a Rohloff hub made for a bike with rim brakes into a Rohloff for disc brakes. We have a wide range of parts for your Rohloff equipped bicycle. And of course we have a wide range of Rohloff hubs in stock.

Sept 21, 2018

We now have a Facebook page with lots of closeout items at reduced prices.

August, 2018

We are now a distributor of Connex chains. We will be stocking all of their 8 speed, 9 speed, 10 speed, and 11 speed chains. Our first shipment is due by mid August, 2018. These are extremely high quality chains, the most durable bicycle chains made.

Connex Chains

We are also distributing many products from Stronglight in France. Stronglight makes very high quality chainrings for most modern cranks.

Stronglight Chainrings

Stronglight Cranksets

Stronglight headsets have been highly regarded for decades. We stock the new sealed bearing version of their famous A9 headset for threaded 1" steerers, as well as a wide variety of sealed headsets for all of the new headset standards.

Stronglight Headsets

Stronglight makes a variety of high quality bottom brackets.

Stronglight Bottom Brackets

And we have their beautiful anodized aluminum fenders.

Stronglight Fenders

December 29, 2016

We are now a wholesale distributor for Specialites TA in Sissonne, France. TA makes beautiful cranksets and chainrings, along with 10 speed and 11 speed cassettes, bottom brackets and water bottle cages. We have just received our first shipment. So we have a huge assortment of cranks in lengths from 155mm to 185mm, for singles, doubles and triples. We also have tandem cranks available, so the stoker and captain no longer need to have the same length cranks but can have the crank lengths that fit each best.

See these pages for chainring and cassette choices.



I am now updating the Carmina crankset page and expect to have it finished this weekend.

People can order from us directly, or you local bike shop can order from us. We distribute to bike shops all across the USA and Canada.

November 19, 2014

New inexpensive dynamo headlights from Busch & Müller will be here early in December. The new Avy N Plus and Avy T Senso Plus have better optics than the Lyt headlights.

Schmidt is now shipping their new taillights. There are two versions; one for rear rack mounting and another for seatpost mounting. They are compatible with all Schmidt and Busch & Müller headlights.

The new Tout Terrain Silkroad Xplore and Metropolitan Xplore frames are in stock. These use the terrific new 18 speed Pinion transmission.

Schmidt will be making their Edelux II headlight in an upside down version this winter. We are hoping to do a production run in February. If we make the schedule, expect them here in March, 2015. We'll see.

Schmidt is just now starting production of their Edelux headlights for E Bikes. I'll have these available this winter.

We have plenty of Nokian and Schwalbe studded tires in stock now.

Most SON hubs and the Edelux II headlight are now available silver anodized. This is great for the all weather cyclist who wants to keep riding through the winter on roads that get lots of salt. Road salt will stain a polished aluminum surface, so the silver anodizing will help keep your Schmidt hub looking good for many years.

May 22, 2014

Schmidt has added 28 spoke hole versions of their SON28 ISO disc hubs. We now have them in stock.

We have the Luxos U in stock with the standard length wire for the USB port and switch. The wire is 54cm long. But! Busch & Müller is also making these with longer wire lengths, for recumbents and for folding bikes with small wheels. For recumbents there is a version with 160cm wire, and for folding bikes we will have a 95cm wire. These will be here early June, 2014.

Schmidt's new rack-mount dynamo taillight should be here in early June as well.

The Tout Terrain Metropolitan Xplore frames for 18 speed Pinion drive are almost ready to ship from Germany. Should be here by the middle of June.

More news soon.

November 20, 2013

We have lots of new lights in stock, and more on the way. From Busch & Müller, the Luxos B is here, and the Luxos U are expected by the end of the year. We also have the new Lumotec Eyc in stock, and the new Lumotec IQ Premium Fly RT. The new IQ Premium CYO and CYO T will be here later in December.

The new Schmidt Edelux II is in stock. In addition to polished, black and red, we now have it in silver anodized, which is great for winter commuters on salted roads.

The new Secula taillights are in production. We've received some and will have many more later in December.

The Schmidt SON 28 135 hubs are here. They fit the 135mm forks found on Fat Bikes for winter riding.

More news soon.

December 21, 2012

Our first shipment of the Busch & Müller Luxos B headlights is expected during the week of Dec 24 - Dec 28. The Luxos U could be here as early as the first or second week of January. The initial shipments of these new headlights are sold out. Get your order in soon so your wait will be reduced. We'll have lots of these coming in during January.

Our next Sanyo hub shipment is expected around the end of January. We'll have some black anodized H27 hubs, and some 36 hole silver with bolt-on axles, along with all of the usual silver QR axled suspects.

The Tout Terrain Xplore frames with 18 speed Pinion drive have arrived.

The Tout Terrain Amber Road frames are in stock.

We have the new SON 28 15 hubs in stock. These fit 15mm through axle forks. We stock polished, black and red. Polished and red are available only in 32 hole drilling. Black are available in 32 and 36.

The new Supernova dynamo headlights and taillights are now in stock.

Philips has pulled out of the US bicycle market. We have a few SR-80 battery powered headlights left at a steep discount. When they're gone, that's it for Philips.

September 14, 2012

Busch & Müller has two new headlights for hub dynamos. I expect to have them in mid November. The Luxos B is a bit brighter than the IQ CYO, with a wider beam. And the Luxos U adds a USB charger inside the headlight housing. So if you want both a headlight and a USB charger, all powered by your hub dynamo, you no longer need to buy two separate products.

Price for the Luxos B, about $150.00, expected here late December, 2012.

Luxos U, about $220.00, expected here late February, 2013.

And for all you suspension fork people, Schmidt will soon be shipping a new version of the SON, made specifically for suspension forks using the 15mm axle. No hard date yet, but most likely by the end of 2012. I'll have pricing soon.

March 16, 2012

The new Philips dynamo headlights are here. These have the same great optics as the Philips SR80 battery headlight, they're just a tad less bright at 60 lux verses 80 lux for the SR80. It's hard to notice the difference out on the road. These are really nice headlights.

December 29, 2011

We received the Berthoud shifter for Rohloff hubs. This shifter fits traditional road handlebars. The shifter that Rohloff makes only fits smaller diameter handlebars such as are found on mountain bikes. Until now there hasn't been an elegant way to use a Rohloff hub with a road handlebar. The Berthoud shifter for Rohloff sells for $175.

December 24, 2011

We've just received the first shipment of the Philips SR80 headlight. It's battery powered (AA), can be charged via USB, and is very bright. We're distributing these to shops throughout the US and Canada. $220.00

We also have new taillights from Busch & Müller. Their new "Brake Tek" technology detects the hub dynamo slowig quickly under braking, and then uses the stored energy in the standlight capacitor to increase the brightness, so it behaves just like the taillights on an automobile. This is found in the new Toplight Line Brake Plus. $52.00

The Toplight Mini is a new inexpensive taillight that fits well with many modern rear racks that are narrow at the top. $26.00

New model Schmidt SON28 hubs are in stock, including SL versions.

May 3, 2011

Supernova has a cable you can use to charge their amazing Airstream headlight using a hub dynamo and one of several AC to DC convertes, like the Busch & Müller E-WERK, Pedalpower+ and Tout Terrain "The Plug". Connect to the USB output of the converter and into the charger input on the underside of the Airstream. $10

We have the new TA Vortex cranks in stock. These are a compact double crank, using the standard 110mm bolt circle. We stock every length from 155mm to 185mm. TA has promised a 110mm tripleizer chainring, which will allow you to use the Vortex as a triple crank. We expect to have these tripleizer rings here some time this summer. No firm date yet.

For bike shops wanting to easily demonstrate the beams of various dynamo headlights, I'll soon have an inexpensive device you simply plug into a wall outlet and connect to the headlight. It provides exactly the right voltage to a headlight. No need to spin a bicycle wheel by hand any more! Made by Busch & Müller. Check back in July.

December 11, 2010

Busch & Müller headlights with daytime running light feature are now in stock. Lumotec IQ CYO T and IQ CYO RT, and the Lumotec IQ Fly RT can be seen here.

The Schmidt SONdelux SL hub, and fork are now available. The SL hub makes its electrical connections via the hub axle; there is no need to plug and unplug wires to the hub. You need a specially built fork for this to work. Schmidt sells a fork for 26" wheels, and I stock special dropouts and connectors to enable custom frame builders to make suitable forks in either steel or aluminum. See the details here.

Pedalpower+ chargers are in stock. The page is here.

We're getting very positive feedback from customers about the Sanyo dynamo hub. At only $40, it's quite a bargain. See it here.

Supernova's newest battery headlight is amazingly bright, and has a well focused beam that puts the light on the road, where you need it. See the Airstream here.

The cache battery for the E-WERK is in stock.

The Tout Terrain Grande Route is a bike for light touring, brevets and long distance cycling. I've built up a medium size with STI which is available for test riding. Call for an appointment. See the details about this bicycle here.

April 5, 2010

I've been importing the wonderful Schmidt dynamo hub since 1998. Now, for people who want dynamo lighting but are on a tighter budget, I now have the Sanyo H27 dynamo hub. Drag is very low, though higher than the Schmidt, and it also uses sealed cartridge bearings. I have 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings.

The E-WERK from Busch & Müller is now in stock.

We're expanding our storage space here to make room for the new Tout Terrain Metropolitan and Grande Route bicycles and frames due near the end of April.

June 17, 2009

Gilles Berthoud is now making saddles. These are the best I've ever seen. They're now in stock.

May 22, 2009

The next shipment from Wilfried Schmidt will leave Germany on May 29, and should be here about a week later. That should enable us to fill most of the current back-orders for Edelux headlights.

Last night I made some more headlight beam images out in the driveway. So you can now see what the busch & Müller Lumotec IQ CYO and CYO R beams look like, along with the new Supernova E3 with the asymmetrical beam.

April 17, 2009

Danolite is out of business and we are out of stock. We can't get any more stock and so unfortunately that's it for those rather nice little headlights.

Our next shipment of Schmidt Edelux headlights is due late in May. Much of this shipment is already spoken for, so the sooner you get your order in, the sooner you're likely to get an Edelux.

We now have a large inventory of Busch & Müller CYO headlights which have the same optics as the Edelux for less money. We also have the CYO R headlights in stock.

Our inventory of Rivendell frames is getting quite low. Our prices are a bit lower than Rivendell's current prices so we can save you a bit of change if we have your size. We still build lots of Rivendell bikes, as you can have your Rivendell frame drop shipped to us to be built up with dynamo lighting, TA cranks, Paul cantilevers, my hand-built wheels, Tubus racks, STI or Ergo shifting, etc.

That's all for now.

October 20, 2008

We've just received another large shipment of Supernova E3 headlights. These are still the symmetrical version. The asymmetrical version has been delayed just a bit. I should have them by mid November.

We now have Grand Bois tires in 650b x 32, 700c x 28, 700c x 30, and the handmade Challenge 700c x 27.

By late November, the Schmidt SON will be available for the Moulton's 70mm fork.

October 13, 2008

The Schmidt Edelux is now back-ordered through the end of the year.

July 30, 2008

Supernova headlights and taillights arrived a couple of weeks ago and are selling briskly.

The Schmidt Edelux headlight is in very short supply. We have well over 100 backorders. I'm guessing that orders placed today will probably not be filled before November.

I've put up a page displaying the beams of many headlights I sell.

July 11, 2008

I'm told that our shipment of Supernova E3 dynamo headlights and taillights are leaving Gundelfingen Germany on Monday, so they could be here by Friday the 18th. This new light is a vast improvement over the earlier E3 which put a rather small and not too bright spot on the road ahead of you. This light is very bright and has a large beam, making for quite a good "high beam" on your bike.

Supernova will have a shaped beam, like a low beam available in September, and you'll be able to have two E3s connected simultaneously, meaning you can have both a high beam and a low beam on your bike, and use either one or both as you choose!

Your local bike shop can order these from us, or you can order from us directly.

July 1, 2008

We have lots of new lights just from Spanninga and Hella. The Lucceo is available in two versions, dynamo powered and battery powered. They attach to the fork crown on bikes with either V-brakes or disc brakes.

Supernova dynamo lights should be here by mid July. Their new LED headlight is extremely bright, and there's an optional rack mount taillight to go with it. And it's no slouch either. I'll have a web page up by the time the lights arrive.

Our first shipment of the Schmidt Edelux headlight came and went in a day. The shipment was sold out a few days after I announced they were coming. I'll have more at some point in August, I hope. The sooner you place your order, the sooner you'll get one. But I can't be too specific about a timetable.

February 21, 2008

I'm now fully stocked with the new Lumotec IQ Fly headlights from Busch & Müller. These have a much brighter beam than any other LED headlight for use with a 6 volt dynamo. The light is similar to the Schmidt E6 headlight, almost as bright at the very top of the beam, which is what mostly determines how fast you can comfortably ride at night. But the beam is wider than the E6. For most cyclists, it's more light than you'll actually need, which isn't bad thing at all, I'd say.

It seems that all of the dynamo powered LED headlights will last longer if they're used with a wired taillight attached. The reason is that they've been designed for use in Germany, which requires a taillight by law, so they're designed to have a taillight attached. Without the taillight, the LED runs at a higher temperature than it would with a taillight. That higher temperature shortens its life, and perhaps even causes it to run not quite as brightly, though I haven't done any testing to confirm that.

You can certainly use these headlights without a taillight, and the LED will still last many thousands of hours. But it will last even longer if you use a taillight as well. With our new heavy duty taillight wiring, there's very little excuse for not using a wired taillight any more.

December 3, 2007

I've received all of the studded tires. In addition to the tires I had last winter, I now have a 20" tire from Schwalbe for the 406 size rim. 406 is the most common 20" size, and fits many folding bikes as well as many recumbents.

There's also the Nokian A10, a low rolling resistance tire that's great if you're riding on plowed roads. If you're not riding through much snow, but need protection against sliding on ice, this is a fine tire. It's available in two 700c sizes, and finally in a 650b size.

September, 2007

I've finally received the Busch & Müller Ride & Charge, which, if you have a hub dynamo and a Busch & Müller Ixon headlight, will charge the batteries in the Ixon while you ride. We only got ten of these, but we'll be getting lots more soon.

I received another shipment of Tout Terrain Silkroad frames.

I'm stocking more Phil Wood hubs in black anodized finish, particularly for fixed gear.

TA made the brilliant decision to alter the Carmina crank without telling anyone. Set up as a triple, the older version uses a 113mm bottom bracket axle to give a 45mm chainline. The new crank requires a 119mm axle for the same chainline. Now, I don't mind that they made the change. What I do mind is they didn't tell anyone about the change. I had to inform the US importer that I was having trouble getting some Carmina cranks to line up correctly. Th eimporter was surprised, and assured me I must be having a problem with the Phil Wood bottom brackets I use. But after checking their own stock, they realized I was correct.

TA has done similar things before. It's not so bad if every crank I sold was being installed here on a bike. But when a customer orders a crank and bottom bracket, and I'm unaware of a specification change, and go ahead and ship the crank with the BB axle I've been using for years, and then my customer calls up complaining that he can't get his crankset to work, it makes me look bad, and creates a huge headache for the innocent customer.

There's an easy way to know which version of the Carnima you have. The original version has the same finish on the back side of the arms as on the front. The new version has a sandblasted light grey texture on the back side.

I fail to see why TA does things like this. It would be so simple to announce the change. And then they'd have no unhappy customers. As it is, their biggest retailer in the US, me, is very unhappy.

April, 2007

I've discovered a problem with the way I've been recommending people use the Inolight headlights. I thought it was safe to use them without a wired taillight attached. However, it turns out that if you ride fast enough (over 35mph) without a wired taillight, the Inolight can overheat and stop working. Of course, people shouldn't be using the Inolights at those speeds anyway, at least not at night. But I'd like people to be able to use the Inolight as a daytime running light, so it's important that it be set up correctly so that it not fail in use. Please see this page for all of the details. I've sent a mailing to all of our Inolight customers advising them of this potentail problem and of my proposed solutions.

January 6, 2007

The Tout Terrain frames have arrived. I have fourteen Silkroad frames, all sizes, and one Panamericana in size large. I also have two trailers and the Sherpa back packs and racks to carry the pack on your bike. The Silkroad frames are available in two styles. One style is strictly for the Rohloff 14 speed hub, and the other style will work with either the Rohloff or with derailleurs.

See this page for details.


Dec 14, 2006

Lots of news!

I've just ordered some 27" rims! Why is that a big deal? Older tandems built around 27" rims often can't be changed to 700c because the cantilever brake studs will be too high for the brakes to work properly. You either must stay with 27" rims or have the studs lowered on the frame.

Velocity has come to the rescue by making their high quality Dyad rim available in 27" with 48 holes. So now if you need a new set of wheels for that old tandem you can have them fit perfectly. The Dyad is a great rim for tandem and loaded touring. And if you need 36 hole 27" rims, the Synergy should be available in a month or so. The Dyad will only be made in 48 hole for 27" tires. I'll have these Dyad rims here next Monday.

I have many new products for track racing and fixed gear riding. Not all of it is listed on the fixed gear page yet. I have fabulous new cogs from EAI, the Superstar. Also, Sugino Grand Mighty track cranks and the Sugino 75 track cranks are now in stock along with Sugino Zen chainrings.

The Hatta bottom brackets and headsets have mirror finish bearing races and extremely precise machining. The Hatta headset is designed like the old Campagnolo Super Record, but the quality is even better!

I now have track chain tensioners. Several different types for 5mm and 8mm thick dropouts. And I have 1/2 links for 1/8" chain from Izumi.

The Ixon Speed headlights are in US Customs where they're checking to make sure they won't blow up. So, unless they do blow up, I should have them here early next week. And in that same shipment are many taillights that I've not had in stock for a few weeks, like the DToplight Plus.

Also, many Schmidt SON disc hubs are due to arrive on Friday.

I've been out of stock in Velocity Synergy 32 hole rims for a while, both 700c and 650b. But they shipped yesterday and will be here on Monday. So any bike shops with wholesale rim orders can expect deliveries by the end of next week.



Oct 3, 2006

I got back from Interbike sooner than expected. We had a good show, and hopefully you'll find our lighting products in more bike shops across the US and Canada. We distribute the Schmidt SON dynohub, Busch & Müller lights and mirrors, Inoled LED headlights and battery packs, Spanninga fender mounted taillights and other lights, Pitlock locking skewers, Wheelsmith spokes and Velocity rims, and wheels built by me with the SON hub using Wheelsmith spokes and Velocity rims.

We are now the US importer and distributor for Tout Terrain touring frames. We will also distribute the frames in Canada until such time as a Canadian distributor is chosen. These are wonderful frames with integrated rear racks. By building the rack into the frame itself, you end up with a much more rugged and rigid structure on which to mount your panniers. The rack section is made of high strength stainless steel. It's painted the same color as the rest of the frame. By using stainless, if the paint on the rack should be scratched, rust won't be an issue. And let's face it, your rack is more likely to get scratched than the rest of the frame. Go to their website for now to see pictures and specifications. I'll have a page up within a few days. You can order a frame directly from us, with or without a full component kit with built wheels (by me), or order one through your local shop if you want to have it built up into a bike. I won't be building up complete bikes here for the time being.

Schwalbe now uses carbide studs for their studded winter tires, so we will now be stocking Schwalbe studded tires as well as the Nokians that we've been selling for about eight years. We'll have three models from Schwalbe, in 26" and in 700c. I'll have lots of info on these new tires on the studded tires page within a few days.

I'm also increasing the selection of Schwalbe tires for touring and racing. After seeing their new triple compound racing tires, both tubular and clincher, I just had to order them. They look too good to be true. Within a week I should have full specs on all the new Schwalbe tires on this page.

Despite my aversion to colored bike parts in general, I've decided to stock Velocity Deep V rims in their wide selection of colors. These are very popular amongst the fixed gear crowd, and since I build so many fixed gear wheels, it seems silly not to have the rims people really want. So I'll have eggplant and brown, blue, red, yellow, bubblegum pink etc. They should be here in about a week. I'll have them in both machined sidewall and non machined sidewall, 32 & 36 spoke only.

Sept 20, 2006

I'm off to Interbike. I'm driving, and it's a long way to Nevada, where it's held. So I'll be back in the shop around October 8. Sheena and/or Linda will be here to take and ship orders for just about anything. I have lots of wheels built with SON dynohubs and even some with Shimano dynohubs using Velocity Aeroheads and Mavic Open Pro rims. I also have a few wheels with Mavic A719 touring rims and Deore XT hubs all built and ready to go. And there are a few wheels with 559 rims for mountain bikes and touring bikes using 26" rims. Most other wheels will have to wait for my return to get built. Technical questions can get passed on to me via phone. It may take a few hours for you to get an answer. I won't be available directly to customers while I'm away.

July 27, 2006

As expected, the Avocet saddles are here. We have the Men's 40M in leather, Women's 40W in leather, and the Men's 40R Titanium in leather. All are black, no goofy colors or childish graphics.

July 25, 2006

I'm ordering the Nitto Crystal Fellow seatpost in 26.8mm and 27.0mm diameters. They will be in the 250mm length. The price will be $85. I expect them to arrive sometime in the fall of 2006. If you order and pay in advance, you'll get a 10% discount, $76.50. See


for more information about this beautiful seatpost.

July 21, 2006

We've received some new brake hoods for old Campagnolo brake levers. These are original equipment Campagnolo Nuovo Record / Super Record hoods. They're the brown gum rubber hoods we all liked way back "in the day". These used to cost a bloody fortune, but I now have them for $60 a pair. Still expensive but not as bad as it was. I got in 20 pair. These will fit all Campy brake levers from the mid eighteis and back to the late sixties.

We are also fully stocked up with 7 speed and 8 speed Shimano STI levers. We have both double and triple types for both 7 and 8 speeds, four types in all. That's in addition to the 9 speed and ten speed Ultegra STI levers we normally stock. These 7 and 8 speed shifters can be difficult to get at times. http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/roadbrakelevers.php

July 18 2006

Avocet saddles are finally being shipped from California. We've been waiting for these for well over a year. We expect them here by July 26. We'll have the Women's 40W in leather, the men's 40M in leather and the men's titanium Racing 40R in leather.

July 14, 2006

I'm increasing the selection of disc hubs in stock for wheelbuilding. I used to just have Phil Wood and White Industries on hand. But now I have Deore LX and Deore XT available with Shimano's centerlock system. I also have centerlock brake rotors in stock. I'll have a page dedicated to disc wheels up within a few days.

We also received a new shipment of Brooks leather handlebar tape. We have Black, Honey and Antique Brown in stock for $60. That's two rolls which covers one handlebar. This tape is beautiful. It has an adhesive backing so it won't slip. The leather should last for several years of hard use.

I have quite a few DT spokes that I'm no longer using to build wheels. I'm selling these by the box. Every box has a different number of spokes inside. But they've all been counted, and you are paying the same price per spoke regardless of the number of spokes per box. No nipples are included with the spokes. We sell nipples separately. I'll have a page up soon with all the spokes listed. I can't respond to inquiries about these spokes until the page has been posted.

June 9, 2006:

Our Spanninga SPXb fender mounted taillights shipment has been delayed in France. We probably won't have them back in stock before the end of June.

Another shipment of Rohloff hubs arrived.

Just received some 28 hole Velocity Aeroheat rims in the 406 size. The Schmidt SON XS hub for foldables like the Dahon and the Brompton is only made in 28 hole. So we can now offer complete wheels for these folding bikes with SON power.

June 7, 2006:

We got some 27x1-1/4 Panaracer tires in. Just a few.

June 6, 2006:

Finally got images of the Schwalbe tires up on the Schwalbe page.

June 5, 2006:

I've eliminated the minimum order since we now have two employees and are no longer struggling just to get out the wheel and light orders.

And this means we can now sell spokes. So if you want to build your own wheels, we can sell you all the parts: rims, hubs and spokes, and even a spoke wrench and tensiometer.

June 4, 2006:

After 18 years in business, and 9 years on the internet, I finally put up a page listing some of the inner tubes I sell. So we finally have a fairly complete listing of rims, tires and tubes on the site.

May 25, 2006:

Repriced the Schwalbe tires. Original pricing was based on the wrong price list. Duh! Most are lower now. None went up. At least something didn't go up!

May 23, 2006:

Our huge order of Schwalbe tires has arrived. So we now have a wide range of touring tires in 700c, 26" - 559, and 20" - 406. All Schwalbe tires have a reflective strip on the sidewall for increased safety at night. And they all have a dynamo strip so your sidewall dynamo won't slip in the rain. These are wonderful tires for the commuter as well as the touring cyclist who want a very durable tire that rolls well.

And, we now have extra long wiring for the Inolight headlights.

May 18, 2006:

We've received some beautiful gold anodized handlebars, stems and seatposts from Nitto. More details and photos as time permits. Call if you're interested. 603 478 0900

May 15, 2006:

Pitlock locking skewers have arrived. These will help prevent your wheels from being stolen. They really work.

May 2006

We've received shipments from DiNotte, and more fenders from Berthoud.

The new Berthoud fenders are a plastic and aluminum sandwich like SKS. But unlike SKS, they use Berthoud's much lighter aluminum struts. SKS uses steel struts which are way too heavy for the task of holding a plastic fender. These new Berthoud fenders aren't listed yet, but we have them. Just call for details.

April 2006:

We bought up all the remaining Dura Ace 9 speed hubs we could find. These hubs aren't being made any more by Shimano, so if you want their best road hub, in the future it will only be the 10 speed version, which can't take 9 speed cassettes. The 9 speed version will take 10 speed cassettes, however. We have these with 28 or 32 hole front, and 28, 32 or 36 hole rear. We're not selling the hubs alone, only in built wheels.


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